Our greatest responsibility to the next generation is to make known to them the glorious realities of God’s holy Word. As the apostle Paul reminded his mentor, Timothy, “continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the sacred writings…” Through the teaching of the God-breathed words of Scripture, Timothy was made wise for salvation through faith in Christ, and was trained and equipped for a life of godliness. Why did Paul remind Timothy of this? Because persecution would come upon those who faithfully follow Christ. Evil days were ahead. Men would distort and oppose the truth, and things would progress from bad to worse. Paul urged Timothy to continue in the Word so that he would stand firm!

Our children live in the same kind of spiritually dangerous climate as Timothy did. Therefore, Christian parents and churches must place the highest priority on the faithful teaching of the Scriptures. We must make known to them the absolute authority, clarity, necessity, and sufficiency of the Bible, teaching them the whole counsel of God. We must renew our efforts to train them to rightly read, understand, submit to, and delight in the life-giving Word of God.

We invite you to be challenged, equipped, and encouraged for this sacred endeavor. We are honored to have Albert Mohler and Bruce Ware as our keynote speakers. David and Sally Michael will inspire the church and parents with a biblical vision and ministry applications to the next generations. Practical breakout seminars will highlight and help implement biblical literacy in homes and churches.