Bible Memory in the Church

Memorizing Scripture with other Christians is one of the best motivations to memorize. It also brings many benefits: when groups memorize Scripture together, the members deepen their dependence on God’s Word, grow in Word-centered friendships, enrich their prayers for one another, and build unity that is essential to the body of Christ.
Paul’s exhortation to “let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” was for the church at Colossae, and it continues to this day. 


Twenty-five years ago John Piper invited his congregation at Bethlehem Baptist to join him for church-wide Scripture memory with the Fighter Verses. He challenged the congregation to memorize a set of verses strategically chosen to equip members to fight temptation the way Jesus did, saying, "...when he was fasting in the wilderness there were no libraries or books, and with every temptation of the devil he quoted a passage of Scripture to defeat the devil" (Matthew 4:4, 7, 10).

Now we've created the Fighter Verses Churchwide kit to make it simple for churches to memorize Scripture together as a body. The Churchwide kit brings all of the pieces together in one place to help you roll out a year-long Scripture memory program including communications leading up to the launch, informational and inspirational bulletin inserts/newsletter articles, weekly verse slides, tools to prepare the congregation for memorizing Scripture, and more. 

Fighter Verses is a five year program with five sets of 52 passages. The Churchwide Kit contains verse slides for all five sets. We started with Set 1 in 1998 and have been rotating through the five sets every five years since. We'll be featuring Set 3 on the blog starting January 2023, including a devotional with each weekly verse. 

You can follow the current Fighter Verses schedule, or you can start with any one of the five, non-consecutive sets for a robust Bible memory program. 

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Sunday school classes

Sunday school classrooms are ideal for learning new verses and reviewing old ones together. Children enjoy working together, playing games, and doing activities to help them remember a passage, recording their progress as they go. Adults also benefit from the support of the group. Passages memorized for a class can serve for all of life. Not only does memorizing as a group encourage everyone to participate, but committing a thematic passage to memory will make it easier to recall, and apply, the main point long after the class has ended.

Men's and women's ministries

Teaming up with brothers (men with men) and sisters (women with women) is a powerful way to apply God’s Word to the unique challenges men and women face. There is a camaraderie and God-ordained structure to groups made up of one gender. The Fighter Verses Study is an ideal resource for small groups.

Paul instructed Titus that older men are to teach younger men and older women, younger women. Seeing Scripture memory modeled by more mature believers, and hearing how it has served to help them grow in the Lord, serve others, and fight sin, is a powerful incentive to imitate their way of life.

For help teaching others how to memorize, read "How to Memorize Verses."

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