Big, Bold, Biblical Prayers for the Next Generation

Target Age: Adults

Prayer matters! It matters to us. It matters to our children. It matters to every generation until Jesus comes. It matters because God is pleased to accomplish His unstoppable purposes through the prayers of His people. The needs of the next generation, the challenges they face, and the opportunities before them are great.

This project was born out of an earnest desire to see what God might be pleased to do if 10,000 or more people invest time at least once a week to pray a big, bold, biblical prayer from their hearts for the next generation. Will you join us? 
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What might God be pleased to do if His people come to Him with BIG, BOLD, BIBLICAL prayers of faith?

BIG: When we pray for the next generation, our first prayers should be for the greater things—the big things—the Kingdom-sized things, as we trust God for the lesser things.

BOLD: Bold prayers for the next generation arise from our confidence in Christ and all that He is for those who belong to Him.

BIBLICAL: Our big prayers for the next generation and the boldness we have in praying them stand on Truth revealed in the Bible.

Big, Bold, Biblical Prayers challenges parents, grandparents, pastors, children's ministry leaders, teachers, and all who care about the next generation to intentionally pray for the children in their family, church, and around the world. David Michael casts a vision for how and why we need to pray big, bold, biblical prayers, and provides 17 prayers you can join him in praying for the next generation along with relevant Scripture passages to spark your prayers.

Encourage your church, family, and friends to join a community of people committed to praying for the next generation.

Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible.

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