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  1. Rooting Our Children's Identity in the Glory of God

    ID-100228856 Oh that we might do this in increasing measure in our families! From Dr. Paul Tripp:

    What is theology? It is the study of God, his existence, his nature, and his works. It is God's plan that the family function as a theological community. What this means is that the ultimate fact of family life is the fact that God exists and that we are his creatures. Everything we do, think, and say is attached to that reality. We must never allow ourselves to view life horizontally, that is, only in terms of earthly relationships and circumstances. We must always ask questions about God, his will, and his work no matter what the subject or situation being discussed.
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  2. 39 Questions and the Whole Counsel of God

    ID-10054890 One of our goals at Children Desiring God is to faithfully present our children and students with the whole counsel of God. One way to assess how we are doing in regard to this is to look at our teaching scope and sequence from preschool to high school and ask if our students would be able to answer the following 39 questions by the time they reach adulthood: ... More

  3. The Big Story and the Particulars

    ID-100205631 I love biblical theology that focuses on the overarching meta-narrative of the Bible. It has been really encouraging to see many new biblically solid books, curricula, and family devotionals that emphasize the beautifully cohesive storyline of the Bible. But there is a cautionary note that I want to sound here...something to carefully consider. Just as we once may have underemphasized the importance of biblical theology, are we being careful not to exclude and underemphasize other important disciplines? For example, are we giving our students solid systematic theology, moral instruction, and the ability to see and interpret the "particulars" as well? ... More

  4. Being a 1 Corinthians 3:7 Teacher

    ID-100224355 It's been a very LONG and COLD winter in Minnesota! But it's starting to feel like spring might actually come at long last. To celebrate and anticipate the coming of warmer weather, my friend Linda and I put in an order for flower seeds. It was great fun to look at all the beautiful varieties to choose from and then narrow down our selections. We are both avid gardeners! While waiting for the seeds to arrive in the mail, I got everything else ready to start them growing inside: pots, seed starting mix, lighting system, etc. Two days ago the seeds arrived in the mail, and I dropped everything else that I was doing to sit down and just look and each packet of seeds. (I know that sounds weird to some of you.) But soon some of my joyful anticipation turned to worry...because each packet of seeds comes with very specific instructions for "ideal conditions" for germination and growth. Some of these conditions seem impossible to meet in my less-than-ideal basement turned amateur greenhouse. It almost seems like a lost cause—why even bother? ... More

  5. Wisdom is a Treasure + Activity

    9781596388628-72RGB Ask yourself these questions: In the past week, how often have I used the words "wise" or "wisdom" in conversation? Would my children and students be able to define what wisdom is? Would they see wisdom as a great treasure? Where will they find wisdom? ... More

  6. Easter Devotional Resource for the Home

    61LMCbxzWwL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ Would you like to help your children prepare to celebrate the true meaning of Easter? A book titled, Why Easter? by Barbara Reaoch, is a wonderful, easy-to-use, resource. It contains 28 lessons (ideally to be done in the four weeks leading up to Easter). Each two-page lesson has the following: ... More

  7. God-Honoring "Complaining"?

    ID-100104420 It's not often you come across an article titled, "Teaching Our Children to Lament." But that's the title of a very intriguing article by Megan Hill (posted at The Gospel Coalition). Here is an excerpt that will hopefully encourage you to read the whole article: ... More

  8. Guidelines for Classroom Management

    ID-100214085 One of the things that can really discourage children's ministry volunteers is a poorly managed classroom... not simply having a poorly organized structure, but also poor expectations for student behavior and undefined consequences. That is why I have so appreciated these guidelines from Pastor David and Sally Michael. ... More

  9. A Priceless Legacy for Our Children and Students

    What is this priceless legacy? Watch this short video clip from Pastor John Piper to find out. John Piper: The Sum of Your Word Is Truth from Children Desiring God on Vimeo. ... More

  10. Free Lesson: Boldly Proclaiming the Truth in Humility

    YWT-LeadersEdition-Cover As a follow-up to yesterday's post "Teaching Our Children to Go Beyond Being Nice," it is important that we teach our children and students how to boldly proclaim the truth in a spirit of humility. Here is a free lesson from our youth curriculum Your Word Is Truth. The lesson includes a presentation and explanation of Bible texts, interactive skits and discussion questions, and a variety of questions to challenge students to make personal application in their own lives. ... More