Monthly Archives: June 2014

  1. Helping Students Evaluate Their Spiritual Appetite

    ID-100185985 Final tests and exams are almost over and another school year is drawing to a close. What are your students and children longing to do over the summer months–camping? hanging out with friends? trying out a new fishing rod? sleeping in? All of those ideas can be wonderful opportunities for taking a break from the regular routines of school and activities. But for older children and students, the beginning of summer break could be an important opportunity to "test" and examine their spiritual appetite. ... More

  2. Spiritual Interest and True Saving Faith

    ID-10075961 As teachers and parents, it is important that we continually proclaim and live out the Gospel for our children with the hope that, by God's sovereign grace, they will embrace true saving faith. But it is often difficult to discern where our children and students are at spiritually–especially young children. Here are some helpful thoughts from Sally Michael, as published in the booklet titled Helping Children to Understand the Gospel: ... More

  3. Accept No Shortcuts

    ID-100256075 When teaching children the Bible, it's often tempting to look for time-saving, convenient shortcuts for preparation and presentation. Some materials even boast of how "quick and easy" their Bible material is for the teacher or parent..."only 20 minutes needed to prepare a lesson." But consider these words from Lou Priolo: ... More