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  1. The Home: Inward and Outward

    ID-100391145 What characteristics mark your home life? Do the rhythms of family life reflect a healthy and biblical understanding of your immediate family, the church, and the world? In a recent post on the Ligonier Ministries website, John Tweeddale gives us an important reminder:

    When thinking through a theology of home, there are two equal but opposite errors that we must avoid. In the first place, we must not give the impression that life at home in a fallen world is everything. When we do, we are guilty of a misappropriated eschatology. Yes, we must tend to the gardens of our homes. But we must also populate the pews of the church and venture onto the highways of the world. The command of Jesus to “go” in the Great Commission pushes those of us who are tempted to withdraw into ... More

  2. Now Available: Part B of The Fighter Verses Study

    Children Desiring God Blog // The Fighter Verses Study Part B Now Available Children Desiring God is excited to announce the release of Part B of The Fighter Verses Study. This devotional equips families, small groups and individuals to fight the fight of faith and they study and memorize Scripture. This 13-week study includes verses 14-27 from Set 1 of the Fighter Verses Bible memory program. Each part of the series is an independent study that can be done by ... More

  3. Diamonds, or Rock Candy?

    ID-100255509 A while back, our family visited the National Gem Collection in Washington, D.C. It contains an amazing display of some of the world’s most beautiful gems—diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and more. Each gem is carefully displayed to reflect its many dazzling facets. Each stuns the eyes of the beholder. The value of the collection is beyond comprehension. A priceless national treasure…and yet just infinitesimal—a drop in an infinite ocean—in comparison to the greatness and worth of God! In his classic work, The Knowledge of the Holy—The Attributes of God: Their Meaning in the Christian ... More

  4. Don’t Miss Out on the Blessings

    ID-100158151 Years ago, a woman extended her sympathy to me because I couldn’t participate in adult Sunday school classes. Why “couldn’t” I participate? Because I was teaching first-grade Sunday school instead. She really seemed taken aback when I told her, “There is nowhere I’d rather be!” (with my first-grade class, that is). That incident came to mind as I read the article, “The Blessing of Teaching the Children,” by Nick Batzig.  Although he is articulating what many of us already know to be the case based on our own experience from years of teaching, it was refreshing to hear it from a young pastor:

    Here are four of the blessings that pastors and congregants can glean from working to bring the deep truths of the Scriptures to the ... More

  5. Vroegop on "Why Do Children Need to Know the Whole Counsel of God?"

    Children Desiring God Blog // Why Do Children Need to Know the Whole Counsel of GodListen Here [audio mp3=""][/audio]

    Hi, my name is Mark Vroegop and I am privileged to be the lead pastor at College Park Church in Indianapolis. I’m also privileged to be one of the plenary speakers at the Children Desiring God National Conference coming up April 14–16. ... More

  6. Exposing Children to Family Life

    ID-100101169 Recently, I had the great joy and privilege of holding my 8-month-old grandson in my arms during a family gathering. His big eyes were busy observing everything around him…

    • Family, other well-known faces, and strangers were seated all around him.
    • People were bowing their heads, with eyes closed, being very quiet.
    • A man up front, with his eyes closed, was talking earnestly.
    • Grandma stood up with everyone else and started singing, and some people raised their hands.
    • The man up front opened a book and read from it while everyone else listened.
    • A basket was passed around, and people put something in it.
    As you have probably guessed, the “family” I am referring to is the family of Christ, gathering to worship the Lord together. ... More

  7. Resist the Smorgasbord!

    Resist the Smorgasbord: Strategies for Teaching the Whole Counsel of God

    I once read a book in which the Christian author likened the method often used in the church for discipleship to a smorgasbord—various classes and small groups are offered for people to pick and choose from, mainly based on personal preferences, perceived needs, and “hot topics” of the day. His point was to urge the church to resist this tendency and strive for a more vision-driven, biblical, structured, long-term discipleship strategy. Such a strategy takes into account and incorporates the whole counsel of God and builds in stages—precept-by-precept.

    I wonder if we sometimes have a similar “smorgasbord tendency” ... More

  8. Piper Answers: What is the Whole Counsel of God?

    As children's ministry and youth pastors, teachers and parents, it is critical for us to not only teach children the Gospel, but to not shrink back from teaching them the whole counsel of God. John Piper helps us understand what this means:     Join us at the Children Desiring God National Conference where we will have the opportunity to spend three days together exploring this meaning further, ... More

  9. Profound, Yet Simple

    ID-10025967 Teachers, here is encouragement from R. C. Sproul to really know and understand the biblical concepts you are teaching your students:

    Certain assumptions are made in the classroom. The first is that the teacher knows more about the subject than the student. It is, in general, a safe assumption. The second assumption is that the teacher cannot communicate his mastery of the subject all at once. To educate (as the Latin root suggests), we must lead students “out of” ignorance into knowledge. That knowledge moves in increments, from the simple to complex.

    …A great teacher can simplify without distortion. This is the supreme test of understanding. If I truly understand something, I ought to be able to communicate it to others. ... More

  10. On Not Shrinking, but Upholding, Embracing and Declaring

    On Not Shrinking, but Upholding, Embracing and Declaring

    Paul’s declaration in Acts 20:27, “. . . for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God,” are richly inspiring, yet deeply sobering words.  Why inspiring?  Why sobering?  Let’s take the latter first.

    These are deeply sobering words because they imply that, due to what is contained in “the whole counsel of God,” there may be sources of temptation to shrink from declaring to others the very content of these words.  More specifically, ... More