Monthly Archives: August 2016

  1. Introducing a NEW Resource for Families: My Church Notebook


    My Church NotebookChurch services give us the opportunity to come into the presence of God with other people of God, both young and old. As children observe the example of their parents and join believers in worship, they learn to concentrate on God and see His greatness. Children are more likely to cherish and delight in the worship of God if they witness that heart for worship in the church. When they see their parents and other adults bow their heads in earnest prayer, or lift their hands in praise, the genuine worship they observe can stir their hearts to worship. Children can ... More

  2. Already Relevant

    ID-100103880 Our young people—especially teenagers—are looking for answers. As they grow and mature, they increasingly have big questions and big concerns. They are searching for answers that make sense for both the world outside their door and their day-to-day lives. As Christian parents and teachers, we need to carefully direct them to the Bible. But there is a right way and wrong way to go about this. Consider these words by Pastor Eric McKiddie in his post “Stop Trying to Make the Bible Relevant to Teenagers”:

    It’s easy to feel pressure to make the Bible seem cool and relevant to teenagers…

    In my years in youth ministry, though, I’ve seen unhelpful and even harmful methods of trying to make Scripture relevant. Book ... More

  3. Calling All Grandparents and Seniors—Again!

    ID-10090014 I have arrived at the age in which I now qualify for a variety of “senior” discounts. The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) keeps sending me mail trying to get me to join their organization. Magazine articles, commercials, and other media want to convince me that as I enter these “golden years” I should be more and more focused on me—my interests, pleasures, and entertainments. Supposedly, I deserve to simply sit back and relax…So sad, especially if I were to apply this mentality to ministering to children and youth. Here is a post from last year that I want to highlight again:

    When I first became a grandparent four years ago, people would ask: “How do you like being a grandma?” My answer typically was something like, “It’s ... More