Monthly Archives: October 2020

  1. What’s So Special About October 31st?  Free Devotional and Lesson

    What’s So Special About October 31st? Free Devotional and Lesson

    As a child, October 31 only meant two things to me: costumes and candy – lots and lots of candy! I wonder how many children, even children from Christian homes, think the same? Often lost on this date is something vastly more significant: Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of a Roman Catholic Church in Wittenberg, Germany, in the year 1517. With this act, Martin Luther sparked the great Protestant Reformation. As Christian parents and teachers, we must teach our children about this historic movement. ... More

  2. Cultivating Thankfulness In Our Children

    Cultivating Thankfulness In Our Children

    Imagine giving your children a beautifully wrapped package. They eagerly tear off the wrapping to find the treasures inside. What do they find? Simple cards with these words: A breath, A heartbeat, Air, Sunshine, Rain, A glass of water, A piece of bread…What might their reaction be? Would a smile come to their faces? Confusion? Disappointment? Complaints? Yet each of the cards should be a humble and joyful reminder of the daily, and even moment-by-moment, generous and gracious provision of God. ... More

  3. Being a Psalm 78 Grandparent

    Being a Psalm 78 Grandparent

    When I first became a grandparent nine years ago, people would ask, “How do you like being a grandma?” My answer typically was something like, “It’s great! All of the benefits of having children without the responsibilities.” I quickly came to realize that that was a really careless, thoughtless answer. Why? Because God has given grandparents a huge and glorious responsibility—one that is also an awesome privilege… ... More

  4. The Family Devotions Collection

    The Family Devotions Collection

    Parents often hear about the importance of family devotions, but I wonder how many parents actually feel readily equipped and personally encouraged in doing family devotions. How can the church help “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12) in discipling their children? One way is to make sure parents have access to biblically-solid, engaging, easy-to-use devotional resources. Toward that end, we are excited to announce a specially discounted Truth78 “Family Devotions Collection.” ... More

  5. God’s Promises for Parents

    God’s Promises for Parents

    Parenting is HARD WORK. PERIOD! Christian parenting is even harder. But God’s Word offers unshakable hope and help for every parent who is trusting in Christ and His good and loving provision. ... More

  6. What Will Our Children Believe?

    What Will Our Children Believe?

    What we do in children’s ministries will serve to either foster theological confusion or bring gospel clarity. What we begin teaching about the Bible, God, sin, Christ, salvation, and the Christian life from preschool on informs and shapes our children’s theology both now and into their adult lives. ... More

  7. Striving side by side for the faith of the next generation

    Striving side by side for the faith of the next generation

    Come celebrate with us, hear stories of impact from those who are actively pursuing the faith and everlasting joy of the next generation, and be encouraged in our shared mission. Be spurred on in this good work, learn practical ways we can continue to partner together, and commit to labor with us so that the next generation would set their hope in God.... More

  8. Your Home As a School for Christian Character

    Your Home As a School for Christian Character

    In the past several months the essential and God-given role of parents in discipling their children has come to the forefront, either as a shining light of parental faithfulness or as a glaring omission of consistent parental involvement – or something in between. Here is a good reminder from Dr. Timothy Paul Jones about how the home and church partner in discipling children.... More

  9. Introducing More Than a Story: Old Testament

    Introducing More Than a Story: Old Testament

    Now more than ever, our children need to know, understand, and embrace the truths of Scripture. Toward that end, they also will benefit from solid Bible resources that not only reveal and explain the grand narrative of Scripture but also clearly help children understand the particular parts. Furthermore, they need Bible resources that serve to guide, challenge, and urgently impress upon them the need to whole-heartedly respond to God’s Word with faith in Christ, resulting in love, honor, obedience, and worship of Him. I am delighted to say that More Than a Story is such a resource. It stands out as a unique discipleship tool for acquainting children with God’s holy Word.... More