Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. A Must-Know Verse for Children

    A Must-Know Verse for Children

    In one sentence Romans 1:21 summarizes and explains so much of the world in which we live. It answers a myriad of difficult and confusing questions regarding why people act as they do apart from Christ. See how you explain the meaning of this must-know verse with a concrete illustration.... More

  2. Leading family devotions

    Leading family devotions

    While instruction in the Scriptures can and should happen in a church setting, it can never replace the humble, face-to-face context of loving relationships in the home. It is in this relationship of trust and love that head knowledge becomes heart knowledge. Anyone can share information with a child, but when a child learns something from a trusted and loved person, the child is more likely to embrace that knowledge as truth—especially if that truth is demonstrated in everyday life as it is modeled by trusted mentors.... More

  3. Reading More Than a Story With Children

    Reading More Than a Story With Children

    There is a difference between reading with children and reading to children. Reading to children is when an adult reads and children listen; but reading with children is experiencing the story, the words, and the ideas together. It is an interactive exchange that takes place as the adult and the children discover meaning, wonder at the marvelous, mourn over the heartaches, ponder the incomprehensible, and rejoice in the beautiful together. Reading with children requires engaging your mind and heart in the text, letting your emotions overflow as you read together.... More

  4. Renewed Goals and Commitments for Discipling Children in 2021

    Renewed Goals and Commitments for Discipling Children in 2021

    As we welcome in the new year, it is obvious that the “old year” is still upon us in many ways. COVID19 and its numerous related restrictions it has brought about are still in place around the country and even throughout the world. For that reason, many churches continue to face challenges in fully implementing their usual children’s discipleship programs. What will it take to teach the next generation in 2021?... More