1. The Benefits of Upgrading the Old to the New

    The Benefits of Upgrading the Old to the New

    We are so thankful for our many long-term ministry partners who have been using our curricula for years. You eagerly jumped in and began teaching our curricula even before we had fully completed our scope and sequence. Since those early days we have had time to start the process of improving our curricula—making them more teacher and student friendly. What’s the difference between the older versions and the newer revised curricula? Why upgrade the old to the new after all these years? ... More

  2. Summer Sunday School for All!

    Summer Sunday School for All!

    Are you aware that Truth78 has two wonderful curriculum options for summer Sunday school? And did you know that they have been intentionally designed to include ages 6 years old through adulthood?

    Lord, Teach Us to Pray is a study for children and adults on the Lord’s Prayer.

    The Righteous Shall Live by Faith is a study for children and adults on the Ten Commandments. While either of these 13-week curricula can be easily adapted for use in a class for children only, there are many benefits to having an intergenerational class.  As Sally Michael explains,

    I think God’s intent for the generations is that we should bless one another, support one another, enco ... More

  3. Using Your Backyard to Launch Gospel “Missiles”

    Using Your Backyard to Launch Gospel “Missiles”

    The idea of a “launching pad” was familiar imagery used by John Piper in the many years our family sat under his preaching. In a particularly memorable sermon, “Raising Children Who Hope in the Triumph of God,” Pastor John said,

    I confess that I have gotten very excited about being a father as I have been thinking this week about what a family is and what it's for in God's great design for the world. I get excited

    ... More

  4. "He Established a Testimony" Becomes First Printed Curriculum in Manipuri Language

    "He Established a Testimony" Becomes First Printed Curriculum in Manipuri Language

    Although the Gospel reached the Manipuri people in northeastern India in 1894, they didn’t have any Sunday School material until this year. This fall, Suresh Singh of Partners in Discipleship International (PDI) visited the Truth78 team and presented the first printed copy of any curriculum in the Manipuri language, He Established a TestimonyTruth78’s Old Testament stories for young children. ... More

  5. Partnership takes Things Hidden and the Gospel to over 100,000 children in India

    Partnership takes Things Hidden and the Gospel to over 100,000 children in India

    India has over a billion people who don’t know Jesus and over a third of them are under the age of 15. Seeing the opportunity for broad Gospel ministry, Patrick Shannon, a member of College Park Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, initiated a partnership with Truth78 and Child Evangelism Fellowship India. In only a few months’ time, they reached over 112,000 children with Things Hidden, an evangelistic study for children on kingdom parables produced by Truth78. ... More

  6. Why Workbooks?

    Why Workbooks?

    A while back I sat with my two oldest grandchildren flipping through a family photo album of one of our early family camping trips to Wyoming. As we paged through the pictures amidst a flood of wonderful memories, my grandchildren were fascinated by the adventures their mommy experienced as a young girl. I am so thankful to have that photo album. What child doesn’t love to look at old family pictures? Now imagine your child having a “theological picture album” filled with truths about God: His faithfulness in keeping His promises; His sovereign providence over all things; His glorious deeds and the wonders He has done; a step-by-step presentation of the Gospel; a child-friendly explanation of the essential doctrines of the Christian life; and on and on. ... More

  7. Go-To Help for Using Truth78 Curriculum

    We are excited to introduce some new and concise resources for your ministry leaders and volunteers: Truth78’s Core Training Series. We know that establishing a God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting, Gospel-focused, Spirit-dependent classroom environment can seem like a daunting task. Each year brings new challenges in recruiting, equipping, and training ministry volunteers. Some leaders and volunteers are fully acquainted with the Truth78 curricula, having used it for many years. But some, especially those newer to our curriculum, would definitely benefit from some basic go-to help for understanding and using our curriculum. ... More

  8. Does Every Lesson Need to be a “Jesus and the Cross” Lesson?

    Much has been said in recent years about teaching the Old Testament from a distinctly Christian perspective — seeing  Jesus and the Gospel in all of Scripture. But in this video, John Piper raises an important concern about turning this perspective into a type of simplistic interpretative formula. He says,

    … the danger in making a beeline to the cross too quickly and too methodically and regularly is, number one, it'll start to sound artificial. It'll start to sound monotonous. It'll start to be fanciful, because you'll come up with really clever ways of doing things that aren't really there and it'll keep you from seeing important things that are there.
    ... More

  9. 5 Ways to Get More from Your Curriculum This Fall

    Fall is fast approaching, which means many Sunday School and Midweek children’s programs will launch soon. Besides recruiting volunteers (often a huge task), there are many preparations that should occur well before the first day of class. Don’t lose heart. Some thoughtful pre-planning can go a long way toward a fruitful autumn. ... More

  10. Should Children Be Taught the Wrath of God?

    Truth78 had the privilege of having a Q & A session with John Piper at The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference in June. One question he answered dealt with Truth78’s first grade curriculum, The ABC’s of God. That curriculum features a lesson on God’s wrath. ... More