1. When They Walk Away from Jesus

    When They Walk Away from Jesus

    The older I get, the more I have seen this and wept – young adults, raised by godly Christian parents and who grew up in vibrant churches – simply walk away from Jesus. Some of these wayward children do so in dramatic overt rebellion, rejecting any semblance of the Christian faith. But others still display an outward appearance of godliness yet have no true love for Jesus. In either case, it’s tragic. What’s a parent to do? What’s the church to do? ... More

  2. God Visits His People Again

    God Visits His People Again

    "News spread throughout Judea that this was a special child, and the people wondered who he would be," Sally Michael writes in this excerpt from the forthcoming New Testament volume of More Than a Story. "For the hand of the Lord was with him. But long ago, God had already let His people know about this child through the words of the prophets Malachi and Isaiah. His father, Zechariah, was filled with the Holy Spirit and foretold or prophesied about God’s purpose using some of the words of these prophets."... More

  3. Extraordinary Fruit from “Ordinary” Means

    Extraordinary Fruit from “Ordinary” Means

    Parents and teachers: Do not grow weary in providing your students and children with the “ordinary” means of a godly education: reading and teaching from the Bible, offering godly encouragement, attending corporate worship, listening to the preached Word, praying, singing hymns, etc. Because it is through these means that God, by His sovereign grace, does extraordinary things!... More

  4. Cultivating Thankfulness In Our Children

    Cultivating Thankfulness In Our Children

    Imagine giving your children a beautifully wrapped package. They eagerly tear off the wrapping to find the treasures inside. What do they find? Simple cards with these words: A breath, A heartbeat, Air, Sunshine, Rain, A glass of water, A piece of bread…What might their reaction be? Would a smile come to their faces? Confusion? Disappointment? Complaints? Yet each of the cards should be a humble and joyful reminder of the daily, and even moment-by-moment, generous and gracious provision of God. ... More

  5. Being a Psalm 78 Grandparent

    Being a Psalm 78 Grandparent

    When I first became a grandparent nine years ago, people would ask, “How do you like being a grandma?” My answer typically was something like, “It’s great! All of the benefits of having children without the responsibilities.” I quickly came to realize that that was a really careless, thoughtless answer. Why? Because God has given grandparents a huge and glorious responsibility—one that is also an awesome privilege… ... More

  6. God’s Promises for Parents

    God’s Promises for Parents

    Parenting is HARD WORK. PERIOD! Christian parenting is even harder. But God’s Word offers unshakable hope and help for every parent who is trusting in Christ and His good and loving provision. ... More

  7. Tips for Getting Children to Read the Bible

    Tips for Getting Children to Read the Bible

    As a Christian parent, do you affirm the statement once made by Theodore Roosevelt: "A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education"? Does this show in the priority you give to biblical instruction in your home? ... More

  8. A Year of Weeds or Fruitfulness? An Invitation to Diligently Pursue Children’s Discipleship this Year

    A Year of Weeds or Fruitfulness? An Invitation to Diligently Pursue Children’s Discipleship this Year

    I am an avid gardener. But last summer I was laid low by knee surgery, so I simply planted my garden in late spring and then “let it go” for the rest of the summer, thinking that a couple of months of neglect wouldn’t matter too much. It’s amazing how many weeds can take root and take over a garden in a short period of time! How about the “garden” of children’s discipleship? Will it be okay to take a few months off from doing any kind of formal biblical instruction due to the seemingly overwhelming obstacles related to our current circumstances? Should we just let children’s ministry “go” this fall until we can all get back on track as a church and in our families? ... More

  9. More Trouble May Come, but Take Heart

    More Trouble May Come, but Take Heart

    We should not be surprised if trouble comes for us this year. I have been personally involved in 17 September launches. To be sure, the months that followed each launch brought precious fruit, many encouragements, great progress, and much joy in our labors. But never was there a year without troubles, disappointments, discouragements, problems, and difficulties of various kinds.... More

  10. Guiding Children to Walk in Wisdom

    Guiding Children to Walk in Wisdom

    “Wisdom” is a term that is not used much in contemporary culture. And, looking around at what is happening in our world, its practice is even more scarce. However, this must not be the case in our homes and churches. Our homes and churches, by God’s grace, should be “wisdom factories” for the glory of God and the joy of our children. But what exactly is wisdom, and why is it important for their lives? How does wisdom take root and grow? Shouldn’t we just keep focusing children on the gospel? 
    ... More