Fighter Verses

  1. A Must-Know Verse for Children

    A Must-Know Verse for Children

    In one sentence Romans 1:21 summarizes and explains so much of the world in which we live. It answers a myriad of difficult and confusing questions regarding why people act as they do apart from Christ. See how you explain the meaning of this must-know verse with a concrete illustration.... More

  2. Be Equipped to Fight the Fight of Faith in 2021

    Be Equipped to Fight the Fight of Faith in 2021

    The Fighter Verses Study will help guide you through key Scripture passages, arming you with tools to strengthen your faith in Christ and equipping you to fight the fight of faith in 2021. Based on the verses in Set One of the Fighter Verses Bible memory program, the study can be used as a family devotional, small group discussion, or personal study. Thought-provoking questions throughout each lesson will spur you on to dig deeper into Scripture as you support and encourage one another through the battles of life. ... More

  3. Why Children Should Memorize Scripture - New Foundation Verses

    Why Children Should Memorize Scripture - New Foundation Verses

    Though little children may not fully understand the meaning of Scripture verses, God works through His Word. When you encourage your child to memorize Scripture, you are giving eternal truths that gradually will become more fully understood. See four top reasons to encourage children to memorize Scripture along with details on new Foundation Verses resources.... More

  4. Psalm 78 Day

    Psalm 78 Day

    Psalm 78 is just as relevant to this generation as it was to the generation that first heard it centuries ago. As a way to incline this generation to meditate and act on these words for the good of the next generation, we want to encourage you to mark July 8 (7/8) as a day to focus on Psalm 78.... More

  5. Memorize the Word in Calm, to Prepare for Life's Storms

    Memorize the Word in Calm, to Prepare for Life's Storms

    In the midst of running errands, I received a text from my mom. My cousin had a serious infection. He was fading fast. When we arrived at the hospital, he was confused and anxious. As I held his hand and wondered if this was goodbye, I spoke the first verse that came to mind.... More

  6. The Power of the Memorized Word for Graduates

    The Power of the Memorized Word for Graduates

    The soon-to-be graduates in our homes and churches are about to enter a new phase of life. Whether they have chosen college, trade school, the military, missions, or other full-time employment, they will encounter a variety of opportunities as they explore their God-given abilities and sharpen their focus on the future. Most will also experience life apart from the daily presence of their parents, becoming more responsible for their own everyday decisions. By God’s grace, many will enjoy tremendous spiritual growth. But make no mistake, there are serious dangers as they enter this new season of life. The world wants to capture their hearts and minds with godless philosophies and empty deceit (Colossians 2:8). Satan and his evil forces are scheming to bring about their fall (Ephesians 6:11-12). We are sending them out into a world that will literally hate them if they faithfully follow Christ and His ways (John 15:18). Will they love Jesus or the world? Will their faith flourish? Will they be able to stand firm? What will they need? ... More

  7. Using Fighter Verses to Instruct Children

    Using Fighter Verses to Instruct Children

    Fighter Verses™ are a wonderful means to share the Word of God with our children. Breakfast or supper, riding in the car, or any time the family is together is a good time for instructional conversation about the Fighter Verses. ... More

  8. How to Launch and Sustain a Church-Wide Bible Memory Program

    How to Launch and Sustain a Church-Wide Bible Memory Program

    The start of a new year is a popular time to commit afresh to Bible reading and Scripture memory. We believe that our Fighter Verse™ program is a wonderful tool for encouraging and sustaining Bible personal Bible memory. But did you know it was originally designed to also be used in the context of a larger church community? Pursuing a shared goal has one big benefit: stronger biblical community. ... More

  9. Fighter Verses App: Now Available in French and German

    Children Desiring God Blog // The Fighter Verses App: Now Available in French and German We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the Fighter Verses App to include multiple languages. We added Spanish in 2012, French in 2016, and German in 2017. Having the Fighter Verses App in Spanish, French, and German might be really important to you if…

    1. Your heart language is Spanish, French, or German.
    2. You are studying one or more of these languages and want to learn Bible verses or practice your fluency in these languages.
    3. You know missionaries working in countries where they speak these languages and can benefit from the app.
    4. You are going on a short-term mission trip to a place where one of these languages is spoken.
    5. You have friends or relatives whose heart language or mother tongue is one of these languages.
    We have also expanded our English version to include the New King James Bible translation. With the My Verses function, you may add verses from any version available on ... More

  10. How to Help Children Memorize Scripture

    How to Help Children Memorize Scripture Children can memorize almost anything very quickly and easily, but they need encouragement and support from you as they memorize Scripture. Parent and teachers are crucial in challenging children to continue pursuing Scripture memory, developing a memory routine and helping children understand and apply the verses they learn. The best way to memorize is through repetition. There is no substitute for reviewing a verse repeatedly. However, specific memorization techniques can vary from age group to age group. The following are ideas that we have found helpful.


    youngkidsmemorizequoteMemorizing by repetition works well when teaching verses to young children:
    • Say the reference: First, clearly pronounce the reference (“address” may be easier for some young children to understand than “reference”). Then have the child repeat the reference.
    • Repeat the passage in sections: Say the passage in several bite-sized sections, having children say each section after you. Repeat the sections.
    • Repeat the reference again.
    • Review the passage several more times, lengthening the sections each time.
    • Discuss the passage. After the passage is remembered (usually in 3-4 repetitions), it is good to dissect it. Discuss the meaning of unfamiliar words. Rephrase the passage and try to help the child discover how the passage applies to his life.
    ... More