1. Teaching Children the Riches of the Old Testament

    Teaching Children the Riches of the Old Testament

    I was recently talking with a mother who is daily reading to her children from More Than a Story—Old Testament. She commented on how much her children were enjoying the resource, but even more so how much it is feeding her own soul. For one thing, the Old Testament reminds us that there is “nothing new under the sun” in terms of experiencing life in a fallen world. ... More

  2. Discipling with the Throne Room in Mind

    Discipling with the Throne Room in Mind

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, when we minister to the next generations, we are dealing with the most weighty truths in the universe. We are preparing them to meet the King of kings and Lord of lords! May this reality cause our hearts to go about our task more diligently, earnestly, and prayerfully so that, by God’s grace, the children in our care will come to know, honor, and treasure God, setting their hope in Christ alone, so that they will live as faithful disciples for the glory of God!... More

  3. Leading family devotions

    Leading family devotions

    While instruction in the Scriptures can and should happen in a church setting, it can never replace the humble, face-to-face context of loving relationships in the home. It is in this relationship of trust and love that head knowledge becomes heart knowledge. Anyone can share information with a child, but when a child learns something from a trusted and loved person, the child is more likely to embrace that knowledge as truth—especially if that truth is demonstrated in everyday life as it is modeled by trusted mentors.... More

  4. Making the Most of Christmas and Beyond

    Making the Most of Christmas and Beyond

    Let’s not miss the opportunities we have through our traditions in this special season of the year to  "Let light shine out of darkness," and give to our children, relatives, friends, and neighbors “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor. 4:6).... More

  5. Why Children Should Memorize Scripture - New Foundation Verses

    Why Children Should Memorize Scripture - New Foundation Verses

    Though little children may not fully understand the meaning of Scripture verses, God works through His Word. When you encourage your child to memorize Scripture, you are giving eternal truths that gradually will become more fully understood. See four top reasons to encourage children to memorize Scripture along with details on new Foundation Verses resources.... More

  6. A Guide for Family Discipleship Gifts

    A Guide for Family Discipleship Gifts

    Truth78 is pleased to offer this special family discipleship gift guide highlighting resources that parents and children can enjoy together. The resources target various age groups and include a range of ease of use—from extremely simple read aloud stories to more formal Bible instruction. From simple parenting tools to deeper discipleship training. ... More

  7. Extraordinary Fruit from “Ordinary” Means

    Extraordinary Fruit from “Ordinary” Means

    Parents and teachers: Do not grow weary in providing your students and children with the “ordinary” means of a godly education: reading and teaching from the Bible, offering godly encouragement, attending corporate worship, listening to the preached Word, praying, singing hymns, etc. Because it is through these means that God, by His sovereign grace, does extraordinary things!... More

  8. God’s Promises for Parents

    God’s Promises for Parents

    Parenting is HARD WORK. PERIOD! Christian parenting is even harder. But God’s Word offers unshakable hope and help for every parent who is trusting in Christ and His good and loving provision. ... More

  9. Your Home As a School for Christian Character

    Your Home As a School for Christian Character

    In the past several months the essential and God-given role of parents in discipling their children has come to the forefront, either as a shining light of parental faithfulness or as a glaring omission of consistent parental involvement – or something in between. Here is a good reminder from Dr. Timothy Paul Jones about how the home and church partner in discipling children.... More

  10. Family Devotions for the Long Haul

    Family Devotions for the Long Haul

    Have you ever had ambitious plans for starting a new and exciting project but then partway in, your enthusiasm dwindles and you’re tempted to give up? Unfortunately, family devotions can follow this same kind of pattern. At the beginning of the school year, we’re all geared up and excited to commit to regular family devotions but maybe days or even weeks later, we’re ready to throw in the towel. Sound at all familiar?... More