1. Speaking to Children So They Will Speak Truth

    Speaking to Children So They Will Speak Truth

    At the start of the Truth78 launch event in April 2018, Ryan Fullerton, head pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church spoke about the experience of using Truth78 curriculum in Immanuel's children’s ministry. What follows is drawn from his remarks. ... More

  2. Questions for Discerning a Child’s Profession of Faith

    Questions for Discerning a Child’s Profession of Faith

    As parents and teachers, our greatest goal for our children and youth should be that they come to genuine faith in Christ and live as His faithful disciples for the glory of God. Therefore, clearly presenting and explaining the essential truths of the Gospel and demonstrating what it means to follow Jesus in daily life is our greatest duty and privilege as we teach and train them. But it’s harder to discern or assess whether or not a child has truly understood and grasped the meaning of the Gospel. Therefore, we can better serve our children and youth by applying wise discernment when we share the Gospel with them. 
    ... More

  3. Passing the Baton in the Midst of Battle

    Passing the Baton in the Midst of Battle

    Successfully passing faith in Christ on to the next generation is one of the most important responsibilities Christian parents and ministry leaders are to pursue. It’s also one of the most difficult. ... More

  4. How Parents and Churches Can Help Children Engage with the Sermon

    How Parents and Churches Can Help Children Engage with the Sermon

    Recently my husband and I had dinner with our daughter and son-in-law. They made a special dinner and had the table set with the “fancy” tableware. But there was one hitch to this elegant dinner—four children were included, too; our grandchildren, ages 1-to 5-years-old. Let’s just say that the children put a distinctive twist on the ambiance of the meal. Even with all the challenges and distractions, we were glad they were there. Though their parents have employed a type of system for mealtime that minimizes the mess and helps both children and adults, it was a joyful mess! ... More

  5. Dads, is Family Discipleship on Your Calendar?

    Christian dads, everything we do should be marked with intentionality—even how we take dominion over our schedules. Using data analysis, our smartphones and smartwatches can monitor all kinds of details of our lives: our health, our money, our media consumption, and more. My phone often informs me about my schedule. “You have a full day tomorrow that starts early,” it says. TimeSpent is an app that goes further. Inspired by the late Peter Drucker, who coached leaders to “know thy time,” it helps users complete the exercise Drucker recommended of keeping a log of their time in order to determine what they are doing over the course of 24-hour time periods. What would such a tool show about your life? What would it indicate about your work, your exercise, or your leisure time? More importantly, what would it indicate about your life as a Christian dad? ... More

  6. Preparing Your Children for Sunday School: Little Things Make a Big Difference

    The first few weeks of the new Sunday school year can be somewhat chaotic, especially if you’re in a church with large classes or multi-aged classes. Some children adapt very well to the new surroundings while others struggle. Thankfully, parents, a little effort can go a long way toward preparing your children for class. ... More

  7. Lullaby Theology: Singing the Whole Counsel of God

    At two years old, David is finding his singing voice. From the backseat he warbles about “The Wheels of the Bus,” and in the bathtub he chirps out “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider.” But yesterday I found him on our bed, thumbing through Daddy’s Bible, singing “Jesus Loves Me.” We got out the ESV Bible my parents gave David when he was born and sat on the bed, looking at the pictures and singing the songs he had learned about God. One of those songs was Praise Him, Praise Him, All Ye Little Children:

    Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children,
    God is love, God is love;
    Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children,
    God is love, God is love.
    ... More

  8. What Does Godly Ambition Look Like?

    What is greatness in God’s sight? Too often I wish for my children, (and even for myself), greatness that is praised in the world’s eyes: high grades, academic accolades, advanced degrees, leadership positions, world-shaping achievements, visible fame, etc. This has been a temptation in every age. ... More

  9. Whose Screen Time is the Real Problem?

    At our family reunion last week, I overheard one of my sisters saying she gives her kids half-an-hour a day of screen time. My stomach churned, wondering if I'd been too indulgent when I agreed that an hour-a-day on the Wii was the limit for summer. Was I harming our kids? It's a common topic at the swimming pool and soccer field: How much screen time is good for kids? It's an important question for parents to ask and answer. ... More

  10. Dad's Unmatched Spiritual Influence

    Steve Watters recently caught up with Bill Farley to ask about the need for family discipleship, for dads to take the lead as spiritual example and guide, and the challenges dads can expect to face and what to do about them. Farley is a retired pastor, father, grandfather, and author of Gospel Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting. ... More