1. A Must-Know Verse for Children

    A Must-Know Verse for Children

    In one sentence Romans 1:21 summarizes and explains so much of the world in which we live. It answers a myriad of difficult and confusing questions regarding why people act as they do apart from Christ. See how you explain the meaning of this must-know verse with a concrete illustration.... More

  2. 6 Ways to Help Families During Corporate Worship this Summer

    6 Ways to Help Families During Corporate Worship this Summer

    As our churches are reopening, we are hearing plenty about the awkwardness of following distancing guidelines within the church. What is talked about less is the nosier elephant in the room: the kid element. Even while worship has resumed, nurseries and Sunday schools remain closed, leaving parents trying to figure out how to keep kids happy and quiet while attending this strange new model of worship. It won’t be easy, but here are five things churches can do to help families in a stressful season of trying to worship together.... More

  3. Should We Teach Preschool Children about Hell?

    Should We Teach Preschool Children about Hell?

    The short answer to the question, "Should we teach preschool children about hell?" is "yes," but some guiding principles and foundational teaching are critical.... More

  4. Ordinary Means, Extraordinary Fruit

    As a Sunday school teacher, I have always approached the last weeks of the school year with mixed emotions. Was I faithful week to week in teaching God’s Word? Did my students “get it”? Do they give evidence of faith in Jesus? Have I seen any spiritual fruit? What about that child who seemed bored all year? What about the one who was often disrespectful in class? What should I have done differently?... The list of questions goes on and on. At times, it’s easy to lose heart when I don’t see spiritual fruit coming about in the manner I expect. Parents often struggle with these same questions and emotions regarding their children’s spiritual condition. ... More

  5. Introducing the New Format Preschool Coloring Books

    Children Desiring God Blog // Introducing the New Format Preschool Student Coloring Books

    Many of you have asked for a less expensive and less bulky option for the Student Coloring Books in the He Established A Testimony and He Has Spoken By His Son preschool curricula. Our New Format Student Coloring Book answers both of these concerns. The Original Student Coloring Books include a copy of the Parent Resource Page next to each coloring page. The New Format Student Coloring Books have removed these Parent Resource Pages since they are already included in the Teacher’s Kit 3-ring notebook and Resources CD for churches to email to or print and send home with parents. The resulting New Format Student Coloring Books are much leaner – they are less expensive, lighter weight and thinner for those who store the books in the classroom during the week, and remain excellent resources for both classroom and home use.

    The New Format Student Coloring Books are now available! We expect that most customers will be excited about the change but recognize that others may have some of the Original Student Coloring Books on hand. These users may want to order additional copies of the Original Students Coloring Books so that all children in a class have the same version. The Original Students Coloring Books will be available through the end of 2018. Users of electronic Student Coloring Books will be able to choose between the Original Student Coloring Book and the New Format. ... More

  6. Celebrating the One Who Is Most Special

    Jesus Is Most Special

    How will you help your children be captivated by the joy and wonder of Christmas?

    Jesus Is Most Special, by Sally Michael, is the perfect way to share the story of the birth of Jesus, along with its context in the Bible, with young children. Through reading this book over and over, even the youngest children will be motivated to retell this all-important story to others after they have learned if for themselves. Though the facts are important for children to remember, it is even more important for them to understand the message of the birth of Christ, God’s Son, the Savior of the world, the King of all Kings, who is most special of all. ... More

  7. Teaching Preschoolers with a Flannelgraph

    Teaching Preschoolers with a Flannelgraph

    For preschool classes using the He Established a Testimony or He Has Spoken by His Son curricula, we recommend using felt visuals with a flannel board for the presentation of the Bible lesson. One source of these visuals is through Betty Lukens.

    With young children, it is very important to use visuals to hold their attention and help them visualize things that are unfamiliar. For example, showing a picture or felt figures of Abram on a camel in a caravan will help children understand the unusual mode of transportation and the barren conditions of the slow journey Abram faced. ... More

  8. Small Group Leading 101

    Small Group Leading 101 The first few weeks of a new Sunday school year can seem overwhelming, but I found several things that have helped me over the years to be well prepared and have a smooth running Sunday morning.

    At the Beginning of the Year

    I read the curriculum introduction and found very practical suggestions. I checked out the appendices that provided even more help. And I printed out the scope and sequence of the curriculum so that I could see where the curriculum was heading. As I prepared for my role as small group leader it was good to remember that my job was not to re-teach the lesson that the teacher teaches but to:
    1. Guide the children
    ... More

  9. Children Need a Robust Doctrine of God

    Imagine a preschool Sunday school curriculum that presents 64 chronological Bible stories from the Old Testament…all of them focusing on the character of God. Is there something wrong with this? Something missing? Doesn’t the whole Bible point to Jesus? Shouldn’t we make clear that every story points to Jesus? Before you respond to these important and valid questions, I would ask you to carefully read and ponder this quote from J. Gresham Machen:

    …when men say that we know God only as He is revealed in Jesus, they are denying all real knowledge of God whatever. For unless there be some idea of God independent of Jesus, the ascription of deity to Jesus has no meaning. To say, “Jesus is God,” ... More

  10. Biblical Literacy for Preschoolers

    ID-100275763The title might seem a misnomer…“literacy” for children who are non-readers??? Well, let’s start with a definition of what I mean by biblical literacy:

    Biblical literacy is the ability to rightly read and understand the Bible, using the proper tools of study, thereby becoming well acquainted with the Bible's character (innate qualities) and content. Obviously the vast majority of preschoolers cannot read, but they can become increasingly acquainted with the Bible’s character and content. Here are some tips for teaching biblical literacy to preschoolers:

    • Use the Bible as you teach, even if you are not reading directly from the text—have your Bible open to the corresponding text. Show the children that the story is from the Bible by pointing to the text that you are going to read.
    •  Look for opportunities to read directly from the text—even if it is only one verse from the story. When you do this, emphasize that you are reading from the Bible,

    "I am going to read from the Bible now. This is what God says..."

      •  Expand and continually review key biblical themes—repetition encourages memorization.
    ... More