1. Truth78 Website Now Available in Spanish

    Truth78 Website Now Available in Spanish

    We're excited to announce that our new Spanish website launches today.  We are grateful for our previous website It has served us well, but it is definitely time for it to be replaced. That site will now redirect to This new Spanish site can also be reached at  Our sincere hope is that our new website will be more effective in inspiring and equipping you to disciple the next generation. ... More

  2. Impacting the Next Generation in Central America: Part 2

    Children Desiring God in “Liceo Cristiano Rev. Juan Bueno” Christian Schools One of the parents in our Christian school (Escuela Cristiana Oasis) is the Christian Education Director of a network of Christian schools called “Liceos Cristianos Rev. Juan Bueno,” which are part of the Assemblies of God and are spread throughout Latin America. In El Salvador, they have 37 schools and approximately 6,000 students enrolled. This dear brother has been greatly moved as he saw God’s work in his own children, who attend our Christian school and were being taught about God using CDG materials. He asked us to consider working to bring CDG to the schools he represents. God opened the door and gave us the grace to print CDG student workbooks in El Salvador for ease of distribution, and to bless all those children. The receptiveness within the Christian schools was great, so much so that they asked us to accompany them in their monthly training meetings ... More

  3. Impacting the Next Generation in Central America: Part 1

    Children Desiring God in El Salvador In 2003, we began using Children Desiring God in the Sunday school classes of our church, Iglesia Cimiento Estable. It was an answer to our prayers, because we were yearning for material that could lead our children to know God, to stand in awe of His greatness, and to enjoy all His wonders. We began teaching children in our church, then in our Christian school, Escuela Cristiana Oasis. We have approximately 570 students currently using CDG in Spanish in the school, ranging from preschool to high school. Using these curricula brought about significant changes in the lives of the children, so much so that we were able to witness how their hearts began to be softened and inclined to God, seeking to experience Him in everyday life. The parents of our students also began to notice a significant change in their children, and many of them sought us out and began to attend our church, yearning for good, healthy teaching of the truth of Scripture ... More

  4. Ideas creativas para aprender los libros de la Biblia

    En un post anterior explicamos algunos ideas para enseñar los libros de la Biblia en su salón de clases. Esas actividades son muy bueno para los niños de 6 a 10 años de edad.


    tendedero Decargue la plantilla (PDF) e imprima para sí mismo
    1. Imprima la plantilla en papel 11" x 17"
    2. Recorte en las líneas de puntos
    3. Doble en la línea verde


    tiendas ... More

  5. Formulario de Sugerencias

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  6. Ideas creativas para su salón de clases

    Aprendiendo los libros de la Biblia... ¡usando un tendedero!

    Maestros(as), ¿están buscando una actividad divertida y creativa para ayudar a sus alumnos de educación básica (primaria) a aprender los libros de la Biblia? Aprender esta importante habilidad ayudará a los niños a ser más competentes al buscar y encontrar versículos en sus propias Biblias. Intente realizar esta sencilla actividad en su salón de clases. ... More