1. 6 Ways to Help Families During Corporate Worship this Summer

    6 Ways to Help Families During Corporate Worship this Summer

    As our churches are reopening, we are hearing plenty about the awkwardness of following distancing guidelines within the church. What is talked about less is the nosier elephant in the room: the kid element. Even while worship has resumed, nurseries and Sunday schools remain closed, leaving parents trying to figure out how to keep kids happy and quiet while attending this strange new model of worship. It won’t be easy, but here are five things churches can do to help families in a stressful season of trying to worship together.... More

  2. Get Off to a Good Start with Free Core Training Series

    Get Off to a Good Start with Free Core Training Series

    The startup of fall Sunday school and midweek classes is just around the corner. Children’s ministry leaders and thousands of volunteers are gearing up. Hopefully, every church is inspiring, equipping, and training these volunteers for the critical kingdom work of proclaiming the majestic and glorious deeds of the Lord to the next generations so that they might hope in God through Christ. If you’re using Truth78 curricula, you will want to start by taking advantage of our free Core Training Series, designed to help inspire, equip, and train volunteers for a variety of specific and age-assigned roles. ... More

  3. The Fruit of Vision-Oriented Children’s Ministry

    The Fruit of Vision-Oriented Children’s Ministry

    Having a long-term, God-centered, Gospel-focused vision is crucial for discipling children and youth. The fruit of leading and teaching with this vision is illustrated well at North Wake Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Stephanie Jackson, children’s ministry director at North Wake, shares how vision has shaped the past decade and a half of ministry to children there: ... More

  4. How Parents and Churches Can Help Children Engage with the Sermon

    How Parents and Churches Can Help Children Engage with the Sermon

    Recently my husband and I had dinner with our daughter and son-in-law. They made a special dinner and had the table set with the “fancy” tableware. But there was one hitch to this elegant dinner—four children were included, too; our grandchildren, ages 1-to 5-years-old. Let’s just say that the children put a distinctive twist on the ambiance of the meal. Even with all the challenges and distractions, we were glad they were there. Though their parents have employed a type of system for mealtime that minimizes the mess and helps both children and adults, it was a joyful mess! ... More

  5. The Joy of Being Equipped and Trained for the Classroom

    Have you ever experienced the following as a children’s ministry volunteer: a few weeks before class begins you are handed a curriculum, assigned a classroom, and then left to figure out the rest by yourself? I have; and felt completely unprepared and discouraged – it was going to be a LONG year! If you’ve had this experience, you know this approach is not conducive to either the volunteer, or the students, flourishing in the classroom. Yes, it’s possible to overcome the challenges created by a lack of training, but it doesn’t have to be this way; nor should it be the norm. ... More

  6. Go-To Help for Using Truth78 Curriculum

    We are excited to introduce some new and concise resources for your ministry leaders and volunteers: Truth78’s Core Training Series. We know that establishing a God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting, Gospel-focused, Spirit-dependent classroom environment can seem like a daunting task. Each year brings new challenges in recruiting, equipping, and training ministry volunteers. Some leaders and volunteers are fully acquainted with the Truth78 curricula, having used it for many years. But some, especially those newer to our curriculum, would definitely benefit from some basic go-to help for understanding and using our curriculum. ... More