1. Two Indispensable “Pillars” for Your Classroom

    Two Indispensable “Pillars” for Your Classroom

    A new Sunday school year is upon us, and ministry leaders and volunteers are busy planning, preparing, and setting classroom schedules. There are so many options for classroom time: hands-on activities, crafts, games, birthday celebrations, singing and worship, prayer, missions focus, Bible memory work, time to simply hang out, etc. These all can be good and compelling activities. But what should ultimately provide the “measure” by which all of our classroom activities are assessed and then incorporated…or not incorporated into our limited classroom time? ... More

  2. Recruiting Volunteers for Eternal, Kingdom Work

    Recruiting Volunteers for Eternal, Kingdom Work

    I can still remember cringing when I heard this announcement from the pulpit one Sunday morning long ago:

    We need more workers for children’s Sunday school. If you’re interested, there is a table in the hallway where you can sign up to help. Does that kind of recruitment pitch sound at all familiar? I hope not. Needless to say, I don’t think that particular announcement got anyone excited to give up their Sunday mornings in order to serve in children’s Sunday school. ... More

  3. A Key Component of Effective Children’s and Youth Ministry

    A Key Component of Effective Children’s and Youth Ministry

    The people who have the most access, the best opportunity, and the greatest potential influence—not to mention the biblical responsibility for helping children walk in the truth—are their parents. My plea to parents and grandparents is that they make the most of the fleeting opportunity they have.

    The life of a parent today can quickly become consumed by so many good things that there is little time left for what is most important. Parents must not trade the greater things for lesser things.

    ... More

  4. 7 Questions for Evaluating Bible Story Resources for Children

    7 Questions for Evaluating Bible Story Resources for Children

    Years ago I watched a movie that, in a sense, took my breath away. It had beautiful imagery and a storyline that gripped your heart and swept you into the characters’ thoughts, feelings, joys, and sorrows. However, this particular movie told a story that, when examined with a discerning eye, made sin appear beautiful and satisfying. Hence, great storytelling can be a powerful gift, but we must be aware of its potential dangers.  We must especially keep this in mind when evaluating Bible story resources for children. ... More

  5. Infinitely Better Than Fireworks

    Infinitely Better Than Fireworks

    Today Americans celebrate the 4th of July, and all across the country millions of people will enjoy a traditional fireworks display. As you are gathered together, it’s fun to hear young and old alike express their fascination and excitement with clapping, cheering, and “ooh”s and “ahh”s. You can’t help but be wowed and amazed. But imagine for a moment bringing a child to a fireworks display and purposely putting a blindfold over his eyes, so that the spectacular display is hidden…absurd! We have something infinitely greater than mere fireworks to display for our children. Something worthy of our highest “ahh”s and praise. Something that must not be hidden. ... More

  6. Why Vision Matters in Discipling Children and Youth

    Why Vision Matters in Discipling Children and Youth

    Several years ago, I was hiking with my  family through a desert in 90-plus-degree weather. It was grueling, to say the least! The redeeming feature of this hike was the promise of a beautiful, shady oasis at the end—the vision of a few palm trees and water. Yet that simple vision initiated and sustained the hike, even when I wanted to give up several times along the way. It kept me from taking detours. I wanted to get to our goal as efficiently as possible! It’s amazing how having an end goal clearly in mind can sustain our spirit and efforts in a task! ... More

  7. Freely Spreading Truth78 Resources Around the World

    Freely Spreading Truth78 Resources Around the World

    In my opinion, this represents one of the most exciting things to be found on our new web site:



    छिपी बातें: किंगडम दृष्टांतों पर बच्चों के लिए प्रचारक-संबंधी अध्ययन 

    Бог свідчить про себе: біблійні історії Старого Заповіту для дітей

    What is this? ... More

  8. What Will They KNOW in Suffering?

    What Will They KNOW in Suffering?

    As many of you may already know, David and Sally Michael’s daughter has been experiencing serious and ongoing medical issues. Here is a wonderful perspective from Sally as their family undergoes this time of suffering and difficult transition.

    So how do I feel? Sad, frustrated, helpless, discouraged, grieving...Don't ask me how I feel. Ask me what I know. What I know to be true about God. What I know His Word promises. What I know about our sure and certain hope. What I know is:

      • God will never leave us or forsake us.
      • God's mercies are new every morning.
      • God's grace is sufficient for us, for His power is made perfect in or weakness.
      • God has promised all things will work out for our good.
      • God understands that we are but dust.
      • God's
    ... More

  9. The Importance of Formal Bible Instruction in the Home

    The Importance of Formal Bible Instruction in the Home

    I love the idea of “informal Bible instruction.” What I mean by this is the impulse to look for everyday opportunities to speak biblical truth into the lives of our children, modeling for them a life of faith and obedience. But what about formal instruction in the home? In his excellent book, Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting, William Farley stresses the importance of including formal Bible instruction as a regular routine in the home. Although he is speaking specifically to fathers, others will benefit from his words, including mothers, children’s ministry leaders, and volunteers. ... More

  10. 20 Reasons to Consider Truth78 Curriculum

    20 Reasons to Consider Truth78 Curriculum

    Spring is in the air and, for many churches, it’s time to look ahead to the fall season and make decisions about curriculum. Should you stay the course, or try something new? Here are two testimonials from churches using Truth78 curricula.

    Can I just tell you how REFRESHING it has been since we switched to using your curriculum last year? My 4 year olds through second graders are getting incredible theology and a high view of God and His gospel through your ABCs of God curriculum.—Emily

    The teachers at our church are so impressed with the systematic plan for teaching rich theological truths to children in a way that they can understand and in a way that brings about heart transformation. We can see a definite difference in the lives of our families and in the hearts of our children, including a greater knowledge of the Bible and also a greater desire for in-depth learning. ... More