1. A Year Later—Reflections on Ministering to Children in Difficult Times

    A Year Later—Reflections on Ministering to Children in Difficult Times

    It is amazing to think that it has been one year since “normal” life and ministry was suddenly uprooted. For some of us, we are essentially in week 52 of a “two-week lockdown to flatten the curve.” What has it meant for those of us who are committed to the comprehensive discipleship of the next generation? Adaptability for one thing. Yet, the events of the past year have also sharpened my focus and zeal knowing that, whatever the circumstances, the end goal is still the same, and almighty God is still at work. ... More

  2. A Must-Know Verse for Children

    A Must-Know Verse for Children

    In one sentence Romans 1:21 summarizes and explains so much of the world in which we live. It answers a myriad of difficult and confusing questions regarding why people act as they do apart from Christ. See how you explain the meaning of this must-know verse with a concrete illustration.... More

  3. How Can You Guide Teens Toward a Deeper Relationship with God?

    How Can You Guide Teens Toward a Deeper Relationship with God?

    Perspective for the teen years along with eight ways to guide teens toward a deeper relationship with God along with training and resources.  ... More

  4. 6 Ways to Help Families During Corporate Worship this Summer

    6 Ways to Help Families During Corporate Worship this Summer

    As our churches are reopening, we are hearing plenty about the awkwardness of following distancing guidelines within the church. What is talked about less is the nosier elephant in the room: the kid element. Even while worship has resumed, nurseries and Sunday schools remain closed, leaving parents trying to figure out how to keep kids happy and quiet while attending this strange new model of worship. It won’t be easy, but here are five things churches can do to help families in a stressful season of trying to worship together.... More

  5. What Youth Really Need

    What Youth Really Need

    Some of the most unusual church experiences I’ve ever encountered took place within the context of youth ministry—wacky games and activities, students playing foosball during the Sunday school hour, edgy (but shallow) teaching, sleep-deprived retreats (with no parents allowed), and more. All done in the hope of being “relevant and fun” so youth would want to keep coming back. Yes, some students kept coming back, but many grew up and left the church—untouched by true saving faith and maturity—when the fun stopped. That is why I found a recent article by 19-year-old Sara Barratt so refreshing. Here is her observation:

    Instead of undiluted biblical truths and concrete theology, many [teens] are fed a watered-down message. They’re entertained at youth group and isolated from older, wiser Christ-followers. They’re drawn in with pizza parties, games, and programs, but leave with the burning issues of their hearts still unanswered. She points to four core topics teens need to hear: ... More

  6. Helping Children to Interact Redemptively with the Culture

    Helping Children to Interact Redemptively with the Culture

    Our children and youth are going to interact and engage in the world in which they livea world increasingly hostile to anything remotely “Christian.” So, the question becomes: How will they interact?  ... More

  7. Help Your Teens Get Wisdom

    Help Your Teens Get Wisdom

    What if you were to ask your teen the following questions:

    • What does the Bible have to say about using Facebook?
    • Are you honoring Jesus as you participate in sports?
    • Do you have a biblical view of doing your homework? 
    • Are you wise in the friends you choose? 
    • Why are the answers to these questions important for your life?
    ... More

  8. Help for Turbulent Teens

    It’s a problem that affects millions of teenagers; likely someone you know in your own church or family. What is it? Interior angst. Loneliness. Depression. Fear. Despair. All these and more are part of the emotional roller coaster that goes with the changes and development of adolescence. This is an age-old problem that should lead to maturity and growth. But teens today are missing key supports that made it less volatile for generations past. ... More

  9. Ordinary Means, Extraordinary Fruit

    As a Sunday school teacher, I have always approached the last weeks of the school year with mixed emotions. Was I faithful week to week in teaching God’s Word? Did my students “get it”? Do they give evidence of faith in Jesus? Have I seen any spiritual fruit? What about that child who seemed bored all year? What about the one who was often disrespectful in class? What should I have done differently?... The list of questions goes on and on. At times, it’s easy to lose heart when I don’t see spiritual fruit coming about in the manner I expect. Parents often struggle with these same questions and emotions regarding their children’s spiritual condition. ... More

  10. Inspiring Youth to Be Fruitful

    Children Desiring God Blog // Inspiring Youth to Be Fruitful

    Parents and Teachers

    Here are some great quotes to read and discuss with the young adults in your life:

    Be careful young people that you don't postpone the burden and blessing of fruitfulness in your life because you use the excuse, "I am only a youth." God said to Jeremiah, "Do not say, 'I am only a youth'; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go." There are some younger than you that you can lead, and there are some older than you that you can serve. But do not say, "I am only a youth," as though the only thing you are good for is watching videos and playing games, as though there in no ministry for you to do.

    ... More