10 Reasons to Consider Truth78 Curricula + 10 Free Lessons

One of the most important decisions a church makes regarding children’s ministry is what curricula to use for Sunday school and other mid-week programs. There are so many options available! What criteria should your decision be based upon? What is most fundamental and critically important?

At Truth78 we have carefully designed our curricula to promote the following:

  1. The Centrality of God in All Things
    Our curricula aims to acquaint children and youth with the incomparable majesty of the triune God by digging deep into His divine character as revealed throughout Scripture. Every lesson in every curriculum aims to magnify God’s name, fame, honor, and glory. We believe that children and youth will find their greatest joy when they esteem God most.
  2. Faithfulness to the Gospel
    The central message of the Bible culminates in the Person and work of Jesus—the Gospel—in which He brings sinners near to God. We believe this is best done by repeatedly drawing attention to essential Gospel truths found throughout Scripture. Every lesson presents one or more of these essential truths, and every curriculum, as a whole, clearly and explicitly presents the Gospel.
  3. Doctrinal Depth, Accuracy, and Clarity
    Our curricula presents deep, biblical truths and doctrines in an accurate, clear, yet child-friendly manner. Every lesson in our curricula is carefully reviewed by a highly qualified and experienced theological editor.
  4. Interactive Engagement with Scripture
    Using an age-appropriate, step-by-step approach, the lesson format trains students to interact with the text using proper Bible study methods. This serves to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills aimed at a deeper understanding of the things of God and the ability to rightly apply the Word of God.
  5. Personal Application That Encourages a Proper Response in the Mind, Heart, and Will
    Each lesson in our curricula ends by encouraging students to personally embrace and apply the truths learned. Through carefully constructed questions, we offer adult leaders practical, specific suggestions to challenge the children in their faith and spiritual walk.
  6. Maximizing Classroom Time with Biblical Teaching and Spiritual Discussion
    Lessons are structured to prioritize time spent in biblical teaching and discussion. However, each lesson suggests further optional activities for the classroom. They have been developed to either reinforce lesson themes or introduce some other valuable faith-building endeavor.
  7. Age-Appropriate Visuals and Illustrations to Enhance the Learning Experience
    Our curricula offer numerous color visuals and suggested illustrations that help students grasp biblical truths and be further engaged in the lesson..
  8. Excitement for God's Global Purposes
    Every curriculum includes specific, age-appropriate components that focus on evangelism and world missions.
  9. Assistance for Parents in Discipling Their Children
    We provide parent resource pages to accompany curriculum lessons. These pages outline the Scripture and main themes presented in the lesson, give suggestions for further spiritual discussion in the home, and provide simple activities to reinforce the lesson.
  10. Stewardship of Resources
    Our teacher’s materials, including visual classroom aids, are printed and packaged for years of reuse. Only our student materials are consumable (i.e. student workbooks and journals). Most curricula options are available in both print and electronic formats.

Try ten lessons for free

Get a first-hand experience with the message and teaching format of the Truth78 curriculum by trying five free lessons of Jesus, What a Savior (for K-1st grade) and five free lessons of How Majestic is Your Name (4th-6th grade). Get everything you need for teaching these lessons (teacher materials, visuals, workbook pages, and pages for parents).