A Special Opportunity for Fathers to Shepherd Their Children

The other day my daughter-in-law sent me a video of my 3-year-old grandson holding a pack of Blessing Cards in one hand while placing his other hand gently on his baby brother’s head. “What are you doing?” his mommy asked. “I am blessing him.” And he proceeded to mumble some words of blessing over his brother. That video brought this grandma to tears – happy, hope-filled tears. This future father (Lord willing) who has already learned to model what he daily experiences from his own daddy… who experienced it from his daddy. A father’s spiritual legacy that, by God’s sovereign grace, is doing far more than we could ever imagine in the lives of the next generation and beyond!

I cannot recommend A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children with the accompanying Blessing Cards highly enough! Here are a few reasons to consider this resource:

The Blessing Cards…

  • Are based upon Scripture (they are 29 individual blessings)
  • Foster a spiritual, God-ward bedtime routine
  • Give fathers a special opportunity to shepherd their children in a unique way
  • Promote peace, reconciliation, and prayer at the end of the day
  • Are easy to use yet profoundly impactful
  • Nurture a lasting legacy and tradition to be passed on to the next generation
  • Are extremely affordable and durable (a great gift for Father’s Day!)

You can find out more about this wonderful resource here.

The Father's Blessing App is being redesigned and will be available soon in Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

Phase I features will include:
  • The 7-chapter booklet, A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children
  • 29 preloaded blessings
  • Ability to modify/personalize existing blessings
  • Option to add new blessings from a variety of Bible translations
  • Tags for organizing blessings (by person, occasion, etc.)

Watch for release details here.