Confronting a global theological famine with each translated resource for children

Around the world, there is a huge need for solid biblical teaching that points the next generation to the glorious character and works of God, so that they might “set their hope in God” and walk in His ways. 

In our recent Side by Side ministry event, K.S. Singh, chief translation consultant for Truth78, shared about a theological famine affecting children around the world and the hunger for biblically-accurate resources.

"When we introduce translated resources, it’s like manna from heaven. They just love to use these resources. It’s the same everywhere. I can go to Bangladesh, Nepal—it’s the same, like Bhutan here neighboring India it’s even hard to get in. Indonesia—I was there last year for two weeks, and I could see the same disease that they don’t have resources. There is famine—theological famine. That’s true even in Europe, Ukraine, and Russia—Albania, Portugal, and France."—K.S. Singh

Join us in side-by-side ministry for the faith of the next generation.

Now more than ever, laboring side by side for the next generation matters. The power of God is at work in us as we strive together as churches and parents, organizations and individuals, customers and financial givers, to accomplish much more than we ever could on our own—for His glory throughout all generations.