From Hindu Boy to Chief Language Consultant

I always want to start my testimony with my mom and dad. When my dad married my mom, she was already a widow with a daughter. A young Hindu man marrying a widow with a daughter from her previous marriage was quite unheard of in that day and age. My dad’s parents were desperate to terminate the marriage! That forced my dad to run away with my mom from a Hindu town to a remote Christian village where I was born. I was raised as a Hindu boy in a small Christian village called Khawpuibung in Manipur, India.

Growing up in a Christian village and town (Churachandpur), I was slowly but surely being influenced by Christianity, although I never desired to become a follower of Jesus Christ. We were so poor that I never went to school until I was 11. I began to attend church services with a Christian friend named Biaksang when I was about 15. Soon I started attending Sunday school with him, where I was taught the story of the Exodus for two years because the church had nothing but that to offer.

The year (1993) when I started going to Sunday school, my dad also started showing some interest in the Lord Jesus Christ, though he only became a genuine follower of our Lord a decade later in 2004. My dad’s new curiosity in Christ was noticed by his younger brother, Sarat Singh, who was already a faithful disciple of our Lord. That was such great news for my uncle for two reasonsbecause he went through so much persecution from his own family, especially his father (he was encouraged by his older brother’s interest in Christ) and because my dad was into alcohol and marijuana.

My uncle had to leave home eventually because it became clear that real harm was being plotted against him. He went to Ithing island, where he had fruitful labor teaching children of fishermen. There was no school in Ithing village. So he started teaching how to read and write under a banyan tree. Today there is a Christian school that he helped to found. During his stay there, he heard about my dad’s interest in Christianity and thus wrote a letter to my dad in August 1993, telling us of his intention to visit after his preaching tour in the hills. He was supposed to visit us on the 7th of September 1993. He did not arrive on the 7th, the 8th, or even the 14th.

In the early morning of the 15th, there was a visitor to our house. He did not have good news for us. He said that my uncle and his friend were probably killed on the way to our home. Hundreds and thousands of people from our Christian town responded quickly. In no time, a hunt began, with them going 10 miles deep into the forest from our home. We got ready to comb the hills with people and, as I started going up from the place where our trucks were parked, I found my uncle and his friend’s lifeless bodies buried but partly visible!

They were brought to our town, and my uncle was buried with his friend Henpi—together in life and death! As their bodies were lowered, I had a strange feeling, though I had not truly followed the Lord. My thought was: “When I am grown up, I will complete what my uncle had just started,” not knowing God was already molding me from the very beginning—from the day my mom and dad decided to hide in a Christian village. 

Two years after my uncle died, the Lord opened my heart through the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 to trust Him as my Lord and King on the 7th of May 1996. The Lord showed me that peace was not found in Christianity but in the person of Christ, who is the Prince of Peace. The Scripture taught me that the only way to become a child of God was to trust in the faithful Messiah.

True knowledge of God and His plan of salvation gradually destroyed what I believed for so long to be true as a Hindu boy. Besides opening my eyes, He also burdened me to serve Him throughout my life. On that day, I surrendered my life for His service. And after 23 days of my salvation, I was at Northeast India Baptist Bible College to study for a Bachelor of Theology!

As I look back, I can see God’s hand all over the canvas of my life—growing up in a Christian village, playing soccer with our neighboring Christian villages, attending a Salvation Army high school in a Christian town, acquiring six languages spoken in town naturally, hearing God’s call even before my heart was wholly His, and the myriads of other divine coincidences in life!

K.S. Singh is Truth78's Chief Translation Consultant. A Ph.D. candidate at Evangelical Theological Seminary of Asian Christian Academy, Singh has worked on translation projects for the past 15 years. He is fluent in six languages and serves as a pastor in India.

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