Global Zeal for Discipleship Begins with Translators of Zealous

Our global discipleship staff has the joy of working with many translation teams around the world, as part of an effort to equip the church and home globally. One of the unexpected blessings of hiring local, native speakers to help us has been hearing their feedback on how spending time on meticulous translation and theological editing of Truth78 resources is also serving them personally by fueling their passion and zeal for next-generation discipleship.

One of those is a former Hindu who writes,

“As I received Zealous for translating it to Bangla (Bengali language), I never imagined that this piece of literature would continuously teach and inspire me to ponder upon my ways of doing my God-given responsibilities as I studied and worked on it, and now it is to go to the pews of all Bengali Churches who also are supposed to be zealous for the discipling of the next generation the same way. I hope God will use this Bengali translation work for the benefit of my people as well as co-workers. I have started teaching this to my church and enjoying the grace that is speaking to my people for a change to follow our Master in His way.”

Likewise, a key partner in Mexico shared that,

“Zealous has impacted my life in different ways and brought hope especially during...this pandemic... Do not give up! Rest in God’s sovereign plans and in His love for the next generation. Let’s keep on praying for them even when we don’t see what we might want to see. God is at work, and this coming generation will know Him and love Him like no other generation has!”

Andi writes from central Europe,

Zealous has been a great encouragement to me. The book has helped me to create a biblical vision for the next generation. It has been eye-opening for me to engage in the discipleship of my 4 boys at home. It has renewed my zeal and desire to disciple my sons and the children at the church. I desire more and more to teach them the whole counsel of God. Together with the other church leaders, we have decided to start midweek outreach to communicate the gospel to the children of our community. We have been able to share the book with other leaders and are working to print the book and deliver it to every church in Albania and Kosovo.” 

And Linda, a Bahasa (Indonesian) translator shares,

“I am so grateful that God is using David and Sally Michael…to encourage me to pray for my children and the young people in my church. Their hearts for the next generation have…given me encouragement to commit myself to disciple them that they not only know God but receive God in Jesus Christ as their own Savior and experience Him and His Power in their lives. The 7 commitments in the book help me to start in the right way. With prayer, I believe that God [will] bless this book, and more people will be encouraged to have the same hearts for the next generation”

These stories remind us how vital it is to share the greatest treasure with the next generation around the world. We are presently working on a plan to provide 30 different language groups with what we are calling our “Tier 1” priority resources. The estimated translation and initial publication costs are $45,000 for each language group.

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