Help young children participate in the worship service

We need to train our children from a young age to appreciate and participate in the worship service. To do this, they need to be in the worship service. Church services give us the opportunity to come into the presence of God with other people of God, both young and old. As children observe and join believers in worship, they learn to focus on God and see His greatness (learn more at Children in the Church Service).

However, little ones often have trouble sitting and listening for the length of the service.

The My First Church Notebook provides parents with helpful suggestions to prepare young children (ages 3 to 7) to understand and participate in the worship service.

MFCNFour pages each week (for 29 weeks) include:

  • A memory verse page with a picture to color.
  • A coloring page emphasizing one of 12 biblical themes.
  • A border page to draw a picture of something the child hears about from the sermon.
  • An additional page for drawing or writing words.