Helping Families Celebrate the Coming of Jesus

Last year my grandchildren got to experience the meaning and significance of Jesus’ birth in a whole new way using Good News of Great Joy. Here is what my daughter had to say about this truly unique resource,

Good News of Great Joy is a beautiful Christ-centered celebration of Advent. My husband and I were blessed to use a pilot version of this resource with our four young children for several Advent seasons. Our kids were always eager for their turn to take the picture clue out of the envelope, and we enjoyed our evening Scripture readings together. 

With 25 cards featuring original artwork and well-paced readings taken mostly from the opening chapters of the gospels, Good News of Great Joy lets families walk deliberately through the incarnation in a way that engages even the youngest listeners. For those who have never done family devotions together, this is a great way to start. 

With all the many worldly traditions that surround the celebration of Christmas, Good News of Great Joy is a wonderful tool to help families prioritize and focus on the incomparable greatness and worth of the incarnation of Jesus! Furthermore, it’s simple to use and reusable from year to year providing families with a meaningful and delightful way to prepare for Christmas.

After introducing the Good News of Great Joy resource last year, we heard from families about ways to make it easier to use. To that end, we revised the Family Advent Calendar and Readings resource for simpler preparation. We also produced a children's book and coloring book.

The Good News of Great Joy Family Advent Calendar and Readings kit includes the following components:

  • 25 Advent cards (redesigned with no preparation needed)
  • 10.5 feet of ribbon
  • 25 wooden clothespins
  • Advent scene and accompanying pieces
  • Decorative storage box

The Good News of Great Joy children's book and coloring book are companion pieces to the Family Advent Calendar and Readings. 

Find out more about using the revised Family Advent Calendar and Readings and the new companion pieces here