Partners in Discipleship International to Merge with Truth78

I am excited to announce the merger of Partners in Discipleship International into Truth78 after more than a decade of fruitful ministry partnership. The merger, effective March 1, allows for greater reach to language groups needing discipleship materials for the next generation. 

God has brought our organizations together in a very significant way. We believe this is a God-appointed next step in the blending of our ministries and mission to support the church globally in the discipleship of the next generations so that every tribe and tongue will "set their hope in God."

Gary Brewer founded Partners in Discipleship International (PDI) in 2008 to focus on the great global need for children’s discipleship materials, partnering with Children Desiring God (now Truth 78) to translate and publish curriculum and booklets in languages spoken in Myanmar, India, and Thailand. 

Last October, Gary Brewer joined Truth78 as Director of International Resource Development alongside his continued leadership of the PDI ministry. In the process, the boards of each ministry discussed the possibilities of merging the two organizations. 

In December, Doug Crawford, PDI Board Secretary, informed supporters of the board’s decision to merge into Truth78. “PDI Board members see how the overall scope of the ministry can expand in a greater way and reach many more language groups with needed discipleship materials,” he said.  

The new structure expands Gary Brewer’s role as Director of International Resource Development and brings Suresh Singh into Truth78 as Chief Language Consultant, where he will be responsible for the accuracy of translated materials. Suresh, who is a Ph.D. candidate at Evangelical Theological Seminary of Asian Christian Academy, has worked on translation projects for the past 15 years. He is fluent in six languages and serves as a pastor in India.

Gary Brewer Suresh Singh
Gary Brewer Suresh Singh

The newly expanded international department of Truth78 will oversee all translation work and international printing and distribution contracts. It will also establish international training programs that inspire a biblical vision of ministry to the next generations, as well as effective and practical implementation of children’s discipleship resources.

“It has been exciting to see how the PDI and Truth78 ministries are coming together to begin serving our international constituencies in a more helpful way,” says Gary Brewer. “PDI has been in existence for approximately 12 years with 10 active language projects underway, and almost all of our efforts for translating Truth78 materials have been centered in southern and southeastern Asia. With the merger of PDI and Truth78 we are now managing 20 translation projects. Boundaries have been lifted, and we are now serving language groups around the world.”

While there are an estimated 7,117 languages spoken in the world today, 23 languages account for more than half of the world’s population. “Truth78 wants to be open to all those that are in need of God-centered discipleship materials,” Gary explains, “but we want to concentrate on those 23 languages that make up more than 50 percent of the world's population.”

“It is our prayer,” Gary says, “that more of God's people will see the need to reach the next generations with God's Word and become co-workers in helping to support the Truth78 International ministry.”

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