Teaching Preschool from Firsthand Experience in the Word

When I was younger, I yearned to go to the Grand Canyon. I read books about it, watched programs, and listened to others tell of their experiences visiting the Grand Canyon. But I wanted to see it firsthand for myself—and once I did I was utterly amazed by its beauty and grandeur. Before, I was only able to share secondhand accounts. Now, I can share from personal experience. It makes a huge difference!

What does all this have to do with teaching preschool? Good question. I share this illustration because there is a common question or concern noted about Truth78’s preschool curricula—He Established a Testimony and He Has Spoken by His Sonwhich together present 116 chronological Bible stories.

Why aren’t the Bible stories written out for the teachers? It would be so much easier to teach!

Yes, in a way, it might be easier to simply read a pre-written story to a group of preschoolers—very little preparation required. But think again about the Grand Canyon illustration. What if teachers are required to immerse themselves in the Word of God to prepare the lesson, instead of just reading a secondhand account of a Bible story? What might God be pleased to do as a teacher experiences firsthand the beauty and majesty of God, as revealed in His Word? How might this encounter cause the lesson to flow out of a mind and heart transformed by the power of the Word?

Is this easy to do? By no means! It takes a sufficient amount of time to study and prepare. (Our curriculum does provide practical guidance and numerous examples and tips to help you.) But we believe that the benefits to both teachers and students far outweigh the investment of time. Over the years, we have heard testimonies from teachers of how much they grew spiritually by teaching preschool in this way. They grew because every week, in order to prepare their lesson, they had to dig down deep in God’s Word—experiencing a “Grand Canyon” for the soul—which they then were eager to personally share with the young children in their classrooms.

Do you have more questions about our preschool curriculum? Here is a helpful information sheet to get you started along with two recommended seminars:

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Also, consider joining us for our upcoming conference, From Childhood You Have Known, October 18-19 in Louisville, Kentucky. Along with a great lineup of plenary speakers, there will be a breakout session for preschool teachers on how to prepare our lessons. Find out more here.