Zealous Together: Inspiration for discipling the next generation

Are you looking for inspiration to strengthen discipleship efforts with the children in your church or home?

Do you long to see the next generation set their hope in Christ alone, living as faithful disciples for the glory of God through all the challenges of life?

Join us for an evening with David Michael, Sally Michael, and Jill Nelson to glean wisdom and insight into growing zeal for the intentional, comprehensive discipleship of the next generation. Hear what inspired them almost 30 years ago and what motivates them today as they share the convictions that have defined their ministry through stories of encouragement for parents, teachers, and church leaders.

This 1-hour event on Thursday, May 6 (8 PM ET) will feature:
  • Inspiration to grow in zeal for discipling children
  • An overview of what makes each of the seven commitments of discipleship critical
  • Complimentary resource offers available only during the event