This is going to be a home-based Easter Sunday while churches continue to limit their gatherings to slow the spread of COVID-19. To serve churches and parents looking for home-based discipleship resources, we've provided free lessons and devotionals and also discounted several books and booklets below that introduce the gospel to children.

In addition, we've pulled together several free and discounted resources in a new home-based discipleship collection.

Free lessons and devotional materials

Discounted resources

Glorious God Glorious Gospel

A family devotional to help all ages know who God is and what He is like.

Glorious God, Glorious Gospel devotional is only $9.99

The Glorious God, Glorious Gospel devotional includes 15 lessons for family discipleship designed to ground children in the essential and glorious truths of the gospel.

Also available:
• Notebook — Help students stay engaged and apply the lessons ($4).
• Coloring Book — Engage the littlest minds by keeping their fingers busy ($4).

World Created Fallen Redeemed Restored

A book to help children embrace the life-transforming truths of the gospel.

The World Created, Fallen, Redeemed, and Restored for only $9.99.

Through the use of key Scriptures and child-friendly, compelling narrative, children will encounter the greatest realities in all the universe—and in their own lives.

Established in the Faith

A booklet to help present the gospel in an accurate and child-friendly manner.

Helping Children to Understand the Gospel for only $5.99 (or $5 each for 25 or more) .

This resource covers: preparing the hearts of children to hear the gospel, discerning stages of spiritual growth, communicating the essential truths of the gospel, and presenting the gospel in an accurate and child-friendly manner. Includes a 10-week family devotional.

Making HIM Known

A book that helps introduce children to their need for a Savior and lays out God's plan of salvation.

God's Gospel is only $10.99.

In God's Gospel, Jill Nelson demonstrates that even young children can learn about the gospel — not just in general, but in full detail! In this illustrated guide for parents to read with five- through ten-year-old children, she lays out God's plan of salvation, starting with His very first designs for creation and moving through what went wrong, how important and hopeless our situation truly is, and what the wonderful news of our Savior's sacrifice means for us.