Electronic Licenses

Understanding the Truth78 Electronic Distribution Method

When we rolled out the new Truth78 website in April 2019, we implemented a new system for electronic distribution built on Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). ADE replaced our original system implemented back in 2009.

To summarize, the new system just didn’t work well. It didn’t work for you, our precious ministry partners, or for us. We know it caused you a lot of frustration and we are truly sorry. You were patient and gracious customers; thank you. It is clearly time to move away from ADE.

We stopped securing our resources with ADE in May 2020. Instead, you simply enter a password to open a standard PDF file. This applies to Teacher’s Guides and student books. The supporting files included in kits have not changed, and will remain as PDFs that do not require a password.

Teacher’s Guides purchased through the old ADE system may be migrated to our new system using the re-assign process in the FAQs below.

Electronic Distribution and Its Impact on Our Ministry Model

We understand the many benefits of distributing resources electronically; it has benefits, both for our customers and for us as well. The exception to this is when our resources are illegally shared with others, even if unintentionally. Truth78 is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We rely on donations and the sale of our resources to keep our ministry operating. For this reason, our new system will require a unique password in order to access our teaching materials.

Overview of Electronic Resources

Categories of Electronic Resources

  • Password Protected PDF Files: We use standard PDF files that are password protected for Teacher's Guides and student books. In order to open these files, the user must have a password. This password will be supplied to the user in the assignment process.
  • PDF Files: We use standard PDF files (that are not password protected) for additional curriculum resources that are included in kits (parent pages, visuals, additional resources).

NOTE: Kits contain files from both categories.

To access either type of PDF file, you will need Adobe Reader (or compatible software) installed on your devices.

Many of our booklets are available on the Kindle store, so feel free to check out those options as well.

Our Policy

Truth78 does not have a typical business model. Most curriculum providers use either a quarterly or subscription model that provides a continual revenue stream. We have chosen a different model: buy the teaching material once and use it forever. Student books are consumable and need to be purchased each teaching cycle.

Teaching Materials

Each kit includes a license for 1 Teacher's Guide. Each licensed copy of a Teacher's Guide may be used by one individual. This material may not be shared among multiple or rotating users. However, if a different individual is using the curriculum at a later date and you have asked the previous user to delete the file (and destroy or return any printed copies), the resource may be assigned to a different individual. See sample license.

The resource files included with each kit (not including the Teacher's Guide) may be shared with the co-teachers, small group leaders, and parents in the class as explained by the licensing information in the kit.

Student Books

Each licensed copy of a student book is for one child. The electronic book may not be reprinted or reused. Single copies may be made for visitors, but a license must be purchased if the child becomes a regular attendee. See sample license.

Accessing Electronic Resources

  1. Log into your Truth78 Account.
  2. Click on My Downloadable Products (from the left navigation bar).
  3. Click on the resource link.
  4. If the file is a:
    • Teacher's Guide, you will be prompted to assign the resource to a user (either you or another person). Please read and agree to the terms of the license. Enter the assignee’s name and email. Click “Assign” to send them an email with the file and instructions for opening it. Read our FAQ (below) on how to re-assign a Teacher Guide that has already been assigned.
    • Student book, you will be prompted to assign the resource to the person who will be printing it. Please read and agree to the terms of the license. Enter the assignee's name and email. Then confirm the email address and click "Assign" to send them an email with the file and instructions for opening it. You will need to inform the assignee how many workbook licenses you purchased so they know how many workbooks may be printed. Note: Student workbooks cannot be re-assigned.
    • Curriculum resource, the PDF or a ZIP folder will automatically download when you click on the resource link. Double click on the ZIP folder to open it and then the PDFs can be opened in Adobe Reader.

Electronic Distribution FAQs

Securing our resources using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) did not work well. We believe protecting the files with a password to open the file using native PDF functionality is a better solution. Although ADE kept our resources from being illegally shared, a number of customers were unable to print those resources, making the solution unusable.

Yes, because we are passionate about removing financial barriers for those who cannot afford our curricula. In situations where financial constraints would prohibit a customer from using our resources (most often occurring in third-world countries), we have a financial assistance application. We will respond to each request and provide discounts appropriate to the need.

What may be behind the ministry-first question is—why can’t we share these files with others who could benefit? Honestly, it is a great blessing to our ministry when you tell others about our resources and your experience, and direct them to our website. By requiring a password to open the PDF, we simply want to communicate that our resources are licensed under copyright terms. The funds received through the sale of our resources keep our ministry financially viable.

Customers may print one copy for each license of the purchased resource.

If you have issues printing from a smartphone, please try printing from a computer if you are able. Contact us with any questions.

An electronic Teacher's Guide is licensed to one individual. This applies to both the electronic file and any copy you print from a licensed file. This material may not be shared among multiple or rotating users. If your classroom volunteers rotate throughout the year (whether on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis), each individual will need their own license. However, if a different individual is using the curriculum at a later date and you have asked the previous user to delete the file, the resource may be assigned to a different individual.

A significant improvement was recently implemented allowing teachers the ability to highlight and annotate their lessons. These elements can be added to the PDF, saved, and printed. This feature may not work with some mobile devices and apps.

With our new process, we no longer charge a renewal fee. You may re-assign a Teacher’s Guide when a new teacher replaces an existing teacher. This applies whether a new teacher is teaching the curriculum the following year or taking over for a teacher midway through the year.

Before re-assigning the resource, ensure that the previous assignee has deleted the file from their computer and returned or destroyed any print copies. To re-assign, the purchaser will need to sign in to their account. Then under My Downloadable Products go through the process of assigning the Teacher’s Guide.

Student books are consumable and cannot be renewed; they must be purchased each year (just like printed books).