Electronic Licenses

Understanding the Truth78 Electronic Distribution Method

We began distributing our curricula in PDF format in 2009, eliminating the constraints and expense of shipping. This distribution method allowed worldwide access to our resources within minutes and enabled our resources to be more effective. Purchasing print materials and shipping them is still an option, but one that can be slow and costly, particularly overseas. We will continue to offer our curriculum in electronic format, but we have made some changes to our method.

Electronic Distribution and Its Impact on Our Ministry Model

Truth78 is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We rely on donations and the sale of our resources to keep our ministry financially viable. For this reason, and to be faithful stewards, we have chosen to secure access to our electronic resources.

How to Purchase, Assign, and Renew Truth78 Electronic Resources

Categories of Electronic Resources

NOTE: Kits contain files from both categories.

Adobe Digital Edition Files (secured)

We use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software for Teacher’s Guides/Leader's Editions, student books, etc. In order to open these files, the user must have an Adobe ID and ADE (or compatible) software. Both the Adobe ID and ADE software are free.

Preliminary steps before accessing ADE files:

  1. Sign up for a free Adobe ID. Go to www.adobe.com, click "Sign In," and click "Get an Adobe ID" to create an account.
  2. Install a free copy of ADE (or compatible) software on a PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can use electronic resources on multiple devices associated to your Adobe ID, but you will need to install the software on each device. Download free from Adobe.com (for computers), the Apple App Store (for Apple devices), or Google Play (for Android devices).
  3. Register ADE by opening the program. Click on "Help" in the top menu bar, then select "Authorize Computer" and enter your Adobe ID and password. (On some computers, you may have to open the attachment in the email to access the authorization screen.)

    These steps are needed only once per device.

PDF Downloads (not ADE)

We use Adobe Reader (PDF files) for additional curriculum resources that are included with Classroom and Teacher Kits.

Preliminary step before accessing PDF files:

  • Install a free copy of Adobe Reader (or compatible) software on your devices.

Accessing ADE and PDF Electronic Resources:

Note: these steps assume that you previously installed the appropriate software and purchased electronic resources from Truth78.org.

  1. Log into your Truth78 Account.
  2. Click on My Downloadable Products (from the left navigation bar).
  3. Click on the resource link.
  4. If the file is a:
    • Teacher's Guide, student book, etc., you will be prompted to assign the file to the user (either you or another person). Enter the assignee's name and email and click "Send" to send them an email with the file and instructions for opening it. When the assignee downloads and opens the file, the resource will open in the appropriate software (ADE).
    • Curriculum resource, the PDF or a ZIP folder will automatically download when you click on the resource link. Double click on the ZIP folder to open it and then the PDF files can be opened in Adobe Reader.

Electronic Distribution FAQs

Previously, we only distributed PDF documents. Our experience is that although many do not intend to misuse PDFs, it does happen—likely because of an incomplete understanding of the license. This is compounded when the licensing details are not clearly passed on during staff transitions. In addition, some customers have put our PDFs on their websites making it available for misuse, which violates the copyright. When PDFs are inappropriately shared, we do not receive the funds to support or grow our ministry and it impacts our financial viability.

Yes, because of how we live out our core value of passionate spreading. In situations where financial constraints would prohibit a customer from using our resources (most often occurring in third-world countries) we have a financial assistance application that can be submitted. We will respond to each request and provide discounts appropriate to the need.

  • Customers will use Adobe Digital Editions software, rather than Adobe Reader, for Teacher’s Guides, student books, etc.
  • Electronic Teacher’s Guides/Leader's Editions and student books are licensed to and accessible by one individual for one year. View sample licenses: Teacher's Guide or student book.
  • For Electronic Teacher’s Guides/Leader’s Editions, we offer an inexpensive renewal process that will extend the license for each additional year ($5 per license per year).
  • Once the e-resource has been opened with Adobe Digital Editions, it cannot be shared with another person.
  • Note: one person can use the resource on multiple devices (church, home, work) as long as each device has ADE installed and uses the same Adobe ID.
  • Student books cannot be renewed as the license is structured to serve one student for one year (just like a printed workbook).
  • E-Book resources are not printable.

Customers may print one copy of each curriculum resource (license) purchased. Resources can only be printed from a computer. Mobile devices (including Chromebooks) are not able to print ADE files.

E-Book resources are not printable.

An Electronic Teacher's Guide or Leader's Edition is licensed to one individual for one year. This applies to both the electronic file and any copy you print from a licensed file. If your classroom volunteers rotate throughout the year (whether on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis), each individual will need their own license.

PDFs that you purchased and downloaded from that website can still be printed within the limits of the original license (if you still have the files on your computer). If you are unable to find a PDF that you previously downloaded, please contact Customer Care and they will assist you in transitioning to the new system.

Think of the curriculum as going dormant 1 year after you purchase it. You only need to renew it (for a minimal renewal cost) when you plan to use it: 1, 2, or 5 years down the road.

After you purchase three Teacher’s Guides, go to My Downloadable Products within your Truth78 Account. Find the first Teacher’s Guide and click on the link. Then follow the instructions to assign the resource to the person who needs to access and print it. Simply add a name and email address and press send. Then follow these steps for the next two Teacher’s Guides. Our system will generate an email to each assigned person with instructions on how to access their Teacher’s Guide.

Eleven months after you purchase the three Teacher’s Guides, the license becomes eligible for renewal. There is no time limit for when a license has to be renewed after it becomes eligible. To renew a license, go to License Renewal in My Account. Find the Teacher’s Guides you would like to renew and click the “Renew” box next to each. Go to your cart and finish placing the order. Once the order is placed, go to My Downloadable Products to either download or assign the Teacher’s Guide to another person.

NOTE: Renewing a license gives you access to that electronic resource for one year from the renewal date. A printed copy of the resource can be given to the replacement teacher without the need for license renewal so long as the original teacher does not retain a copy.

If the first teacher had printed a version of the electronic resource, they can pass this along to the replacement teacher. If the replacement teacher wants to use the resource in electronic format, please contact Customer Care for assistance.

The Curriculum Resources files are available in your Truth78 Account (under My Downloadable Products). Click on each file to download and save it to your computer.

After you purchase 30 Student Workbooks, go to My Downloadable Products within your Truth78 Account. Find the appropriate workbook and click on the link. Then follow the instructions to assign the workbook to the person who needs to access and print the 30 workbooks. Simply add a name and email address and press send. Our system will generate an email to that person with instructions on how to access the file.

Student Workbooks cannot be renewed; they must be purchased each year (just like printed workbooks).