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Zeal for children's discipleship this fall

This webinar, featuring David Michael, Sally Michael, and Jill Nelson, includes practical steps for inspiring, equipping, and launching your team along with a time for answers to your questions about children's discipleship this fall. 


Zealous Together: Inspiration for Discipling the Next Generation

David, Sally, and Jill offer insight into growing zeal for the intentional, comprehensive discipleship of the next generation. Hear what inspired them almost 30 years ago and what motivates them today as they share the convictions that have defined their ministry through stories of encouragement for parents, teachers, and church leaders.


Side by Side for the Faith of the Next Generations

We are excited about the discipleship impact we could have on our world over the next several months and years, but this would be completely out of reach apart from God’s people coming together in the strength that He provides, striving side-by-side.

Watch this virtual ministry impact event designed to share the growth and progress that is being made in this ministry, as well as the opportunities still before us. WATCH EVENT

Media files for the "From Childhood You Have Known" Conference are now available. We've provided here links for the video of the plenary sessions and audio and handouts for the breakout seminars.

Plenary Sessions
Breakout Seminars
  • Pastoral Leadership and Oversight of Christian Education  David Michael 
    Audio | Notes 
  • Teaching Youth and Engaging their Hearts  Sally Michael
    Audio | Notes 
  • Training Children Towards Biblical Literacy  Jill Nelson
    Video | Notes 
  • The Power of the Memorized Word  Brian Eaton  
    Audio | Notes 
  • Family Devotions Matter  Steve Watters 
    Audio | Notes 
  • Introduction to Truth78 Curriculum and Sequence  Holly Urbanski 
    Audio | Notes 
  • Christ-centered Parenting  David and Sally Michael 
    Audio | Notes 
  • Gospel-faithfulness in the Classroom  Jill Nelson
    Audio |  Notes     
  • Reaching the Heart - The Importance of Application  Brian Eaton 
    Video | Notes 
  • Elementary Lesson Preparation and Presentation  Jo Ann Dinsmore and Kate Britton 
    Audio | Notes 
  • Recruiting, Training, Equipping Volunteers  Mary Steele 
    Audio | Notes 
  • Preschool Teaching  Holly Urbanski 
    Audio | Notes 

Conference Participation

Truth78 will be participating in the Pillar Network's Unite Conference October 5th and 6th. We hope to see you there.
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