Family Devotions Collection

Target Age: Family

Parents often hear about the importance of family devotions, but how many parents actually feel readily equipped and personally encouraged in doing family devotions. How can the church help “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12) in discipling their children? One way is to make sure parents have access to biblically-solid, engaging, easy-to-use devotional resources. Toward that end, we have this specially discounted Truth78 “Family Devotions Collection.”

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What are the benefits of the Family Devotions Collection and how can it be used?

  • It provides churches with an economical means to equip parents with discipleship resources.
  • The collection can be added to a church’s resource library where parents can check out books as needed.
  • It offers an economical and unique idea for gift giving – purchase the collection and give away the individual titles to loved ones in your life.
  • The collection includes 13 titles offering a wide scope of biblical narrative and doctrinal topics for parents to explore with their children. Each title is reflective of Truth78’s theological commitments and curricula distinctions
  • The titles are written and appropriate to use for a variety of ages.
  • It offers parents who are newer to the discipline of family devotions an easy-to-use tool (e.g., The Making HIM Known series).

To see samples, click on each resource title above.

Read more about how each Making HIM Known book correlates to a specific Truth78 curriculum in this post.

Not sure where to start?
Find encouragements on our Family Devotions page and use the Family Devotional Finder Tool to give you some ideas of resources that might work with the children in your life.