Financial Responsibility

At Truth78, we are responsible to be faithful stewards of everything we receive, since it is ultimately from God and for His glory. The trust that is represented in every dollar that is given is sacred, and we have both internal and external safeguards in place to help protect and preserve this trust. This trust is defined in our Commitment to our Financial Partners.

Truth78 is a 501(c)(3) organization that uses an independent accounting firm to conduct an annual audit of Truth78's financial resources and practices. The audited statements give you details about our efforts and how we manage our financial assets.

Our work to share a God-centered vision and create resources for the next generation would be impossible without the commitment and support of our generous ministry partners. We are so grateful for you! All gifts are tax deductible.

It is exciting to experience God's blessing as we partner with you in ministry. We value your continued prayers as we commit to stewarding these funds to make the greatest impact possible in the lives of the next generation.

2020 Audited Financial Statement

2019 Audited Financial Statement

2018 Audited Financial Statement

2017 Audited Financial Statement