Better than a New Year’s Resolution

The start of a new year is ideal for committing to memorizing Scripture. Spending time in God’s Word, reciting verses, and internalizing them so the Spirit can bring them to mind in your circumstances is better than a New Year’s resolution.

In January, 2022, we’ll begin memorizing verse set 2, with an emphasis on God’s goodness, guidance, and protection; our words, salvation, and joy; suffering, life in Christ, and worship; and how we speak, obey, and battle sin, fear, and anxiety. The 52 passages are powerful weapons for fighting the fight of faith.

Will you join us?


Fighter Verses

Verses to fight the fight of faith.

For those who prefer pre-printed paper cards, this sturdy two-ring binder contains all five sets of Fighter Verses. These 260 passages focus on God’s promises, His character and worth, killing sin, and hoping in God through the gospel.


Foundation Verses

Devotional tools built around Scripture memory.

The Fighter Verses™ Study Set 1 is a devotional for families, small groups, classes, and individuals with a coloring book for younger children. The study is available either as year-long or quarterly segments.

Tools include:
  • Study Guide
  • Discussion Guide
  • Journal
  • Coloring book


Foundation Verses

Even Pre-Readers Can Memorize

Help toddlers and preschoolers lay a firm biblical foundation with the Foundation Verses. These 76 verses are strategically chosen to equip young children with biblical truth. Vivid pictures prompt children’s memories, helping them recall the verses they’re memorizing each week. Resources include: full-color Verse Pack , Coloring Book, and Visuals Packet (available in ESV and NIV).


Fighter Verses Song CDs

Sing the Verses

Songs have a way of getting stuck in your head. When the lyrics are straight from Scripture, that’s a good thing. Available for all five verse sets. Each Fighter Verses Songs album includes word-for-word Bible passages set to music.