Devotional Studies to Help You Understand and Apply God's Word

Do you long to have the Word of God engraved on your soul? Do you long to be instructed, guided, counseled, corrected, and convicted by Scripture—to have your worldview shaped by the Word, and not by the world? Memorizing the Word makes it possible to meditate on the Word. Studying the verses you’re memorizing takes you even deeper.

Study the Fighter Verses to be encouraged, strengthened, and counseled.

The Fighter Verses Studies are designed to help families, small groups, classes, and individuals focus on God’s Word—the Word that has the power to shape how we think about Him, ourselves, others, the world, our decisions, how we spend our time, and more. These passages have been chosen for their ability to equip believers fight the fight of faith. As you study and memorize these verses, they will encourage, strengthen, and counsel you through the daily struggles and joys of life.

Foundation Verses


The Fighter Verses Study, Set 2 includes the Study Guide, Discussion Guide, Journal, and Coloring Book. These resource pair with the verses we'll be memorizing in 2022. Currently available as quarterly segments. 


Foundation Verses


The Fighter Verses Study, Set 1 is available in year-long and quarterly segments. The Quarterly Study option breaks the content from the 52-week discussion and study guides into four, 13-week parts.

Foundation Verses