Give the gift of family discipleship resources this Christmas

Buy Christ-exalting gifts for children and grandchildren. Your purchases further support the mission of Truth78, expanding a vision of discipleship for the next generation around the world.

Truth78 is pleased to offer this special family discipleship gift guide highlighting resources that parents and children can enjoy together—resources that nourish children's souls and help them to better see the incomparable treasure of Jesus. The resources target various age groups and include a range of ease of use—from extremely simple read aloud stories to more formal Bible instruction. From simple parenting tools to deeper discipleship training.  

Before you fill up your gift-giving list with an endless array of temporal pleasures for children, be sure to include some God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated, discipleship-oriented resources at the top of the list. Helping children discover the riches of God’s Word is a gift that will truly keep on giving for a lifetime as they find in it the source of unshakable, all-satisfying, never-ending joy! 


Glorious God Glorious Gospel

A new kind of resource to explore the message of the Bible with children.

More Than a Story takes children on a chronological journey through the Bible, exploring both the breadth and depth of Scripture. Key doctrines of the Christian faith are emphasized and clearly explained, all leading to the glorious realities of the gospel. Actual texts of Scripture are woven into each chapter, exposing children to the variety of literary genres, events, people, places, and themes of the Bible. Written in an interactive style, it enables parents and children to engage in conversations addressing the mind, heart, and will, encouraging children to “set their hope in God” (Psalm 78:7).



Glorious God Glorious Gospel

A family devotional to help all ages know who God is and what He is like.

The Glorious God, Glorious Gospel devotional includes 15 lessons for family discipleship designed to ground children in the essential and glorious truths of the gospel.

Also available:
• Notebook — Help students stay engaged and apply the lessons.
• Coloring Book — Engage the littlest minds by keeping their fingers busy. 


Glorious God Glorious Gospel

A family devotional to inspire biblical prayer.

This revised 13-week family devotional guide provides six days of devotional ideas per week, plus ideas for a weekly Family Night Activity. This resource has been designed to be used in conjunction with our intergenerational curriculum Lord, Teach Us To Pray, but it can also be used separately by families or individuals desiring to start a tradition of regular devotions.


Making HIM Known
Fighter Verses Song CDs

A booklet and 10-week devotional to help present the gospel to children.

This resource covers: preparing the hearts of children to hear the gospel, discerning stages of spiritual growth, communicating the essential truths of the gospel, and presenting the gospel in an accurate and child-friendly manner. Includes a 10-week family devotional. Sample

Also, available on Kindle.


Family Devotion Collection

A discounted collection of family devotion resources.

Get Truth78 family devotions resources as a collection and save 20% off the regular price. The collection is ideal for building a family devotional lending library in a church or providing a family with devotional material to last for many years. 



Father's Guide to Blessing His Children

Resources for fathers to bless their children.

Pronouncing a blessing or benediction upon our children is a powerful way to plead for God's grace upon them and give them a vision for what we hope they will become. Each blessing in these resources is based upon a biblical text and flows from a father's heart for his daughters and a pastor's heart for the next generations. Booklet Sample | Blessing Card Sample

Also available in Kindle.


Dedicated to the Lord

A resource for dedicating children to the Lord.

This booklet provides a working definition of what it means for a child to be dedicated to God. It unpacks the significance, meaning, and implication of five promises that represent the biblical calling and responsibility that rests on all Christian parents who have been entrusted with children to raise for the glory of their Creator. Sample

Also available in Kindle.



Jesus is Most Special

A book to help children remember the most special Christmas gift—Jesus.

Our children are special to us and Christmas is a special time for them, captivating them with its joy and wonder. What better time for parents to introduce young children to the most special child ever born—the child who is also the Savior of the world and the King of all kings?


When I Am Afraid

A book to help children look to God when they are afraid.

This children's book provides parents with an opportunity to encourage young children to look to God for courage and strength as it weaves together stories about everyday fears, promises God has made us in Scripture, and truths about our all-powerful and all-knowing God. Sample


World Created Fallen Redeemed Restored

A book to help children embrace the life-transforming truths of the gospel.

Through the use of key Scriptures and child-friendly, compelling narrative, children will encounter the greatest realities in all the universe—and in their own lives.



My Church Notebook

Notebooks to help children participate in the service.

These notebooks are designed for first through sixth grade students to use during the church service and for application at home. Students are provided with seven prompts or questions to answer and are given additional space for further notes or drawings (for 26 sermons). Tips are also included for parents on how to encourage and guide their children during the service.


My First Church Notebook

Notebook to help young children begin to participate in worship services.

The My First Church Notebook provides parents with helpful suggestions to prepare young children (3 to 7) to understand and participate in the worship service. It includes 29 weeks of 4 pages per week and is not dated but designed to be used with any sermon.



Fighter Verses

Verses to fight the fight of faith.

The Fighter Verses™ compilation of 260 passages provides the encouragement we need for fixing our hearts on the character and worth of our great God, battling the desires of our flesh, and rejoicing in the work of Christ in the gospel. 


Foundation Verses

Devotional tools built around Scripture memory.

The Fighter Verses™ Study Set 1 is a devotional for families, small groups, classes, and individuals with a coloring book for younger children. The study is available either as year-long or quarterly segments.

Tools include:
  • Study Guide
  • Discussion Guide
  • Journal
  • Coloring book


Foundation Verses

Verses to lay a foundation of biblical truth.

The Foundation Verses are 76 strategically chosen Bible Verses designed to give toddlers and pre-readers (ages 2-5) a firm scriptural foundation of basic biblical truth. Each passage includes a full-color illustration to help children remember the verse. Resources include: a revised Verse Pack in color, a Coloring Book, and a Visuals Packet (available in ESV and NIV), along with a Tote Bag and Memory Stars, all designed to encourage young children to memorize Scripture.


Fighter Verses Song CDs

Songs to aid Scripture memorization.

The Fighter Verses Songs (Set 1) are a wonderful tool to incorporate more Scripture into your day and help you memorize and remember verses more quickly. Each Fighter Verses Songs album includes word-for-word Bible passages set to music.