God's Battle

Target Grade: Elementary

This family devotional provides a way for the entire family to learn how to fight the fight of faith. Each chapter of this read-to and read-along book for early elementary-age children ends with personal application and activities, and includes full-color illustrations.

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This family devotional was adapted from our Midweek curriculum Fight the Good Fight.

In this full-color, illustrated “battle plan,” Sally Michael uses the gospel message to introduce children to the state of their hearts, then awakens them to the many battlegrounds that surround us—both from our own sinful hearts and from the enemy’s attacks. She then encourages children to be fighters, giving them a biblical battle strategy to depend on God, resist the enemy, and stand strong! Each chapter includes personal application and activities. (128 pages)

The Christian life is no Disney adventure. It’s a dangerous journey to the Celestial City and we spend much of it fighting for faith and for the faith. Our children need to learn early on what the battle is all about, what it’s like to fight, and how to survive. Sally Michael’s book is itself a weapon for the war, because it equips us to equip our children for the fight of their lives.

—Jon Bloom, President, Desiring God

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