God's Design

Lessons: 26
Target Grade: Elementary

This illustrated family devotional was adapted for elementary students (but applicable for all ages) from our youth curriculum Rejoicing in God's Good Design and provides a way for the entire family to learn about biblical manhood and womanhood together. Teachers can supplement their lessons and parents can enrich their family devotions with the activities and personal applications from God's Design.

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Through this illustrated guide, parents can begin the discussion with both boys and girls about God's wise and beautiful design for them. Wrong ideas about gender identity are lining up to influence our children, and they are no longer too young to learn what it means to be men and women!

Sally Michael and Gary Steward partner to bring a male-and-female approach to the topic of gender role - one that is united together under the authority of God's plan in His Word. Through examples and stories from Scripture, they present this difficult topic delicately and in a way that even the youngest children can understand.

Don't leave your children to be confused or ashamed of who they are - help them to rejoice in who God designed them to be! (117 pages)

This wonderful little book brims with wonder at the Lord's creative intelligence. It savors the way that Christ renews manhood and womanhood, calling us all to a better plan and a grander design than the world offers.

—Owen Strachan, President, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood