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Translation ProjectsTranslation Projects

Around the world, there is a huge need for solid biblical teaching that points the next generation to the glorious character and works of God so that they might “set their hope in God” and walk in His ways. Our commitment is to provide biblically accurate resources for children and youth, and training materials for parents and churches that will not only serve North America but also those around the world.

Truth78 offers its copyrighted materials for free to approved translation teams. In return, translation teams agree to give us their translated work so we can host it on our website, allowing it to be downloaded for free anywhere in the world.

Truth78 is working with translation teams in multiple languages including Spanish, Albanian, Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian and many languages in India and Myanmar. It is hard to know the full impact of any one translation project, but we are excited about a recent project in which our Things Hidden Vacation Bible School curriculum was translated into four languages in India (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada) and taught to 360,000 children during the summer of 2018. Join us in prayer for these projects, and for the start of many more translations.

We realized years ago that, in order for translation teams to be more effective, we needed to create our own visuals. Although it is costly for us to create original artwork, doing so enables us to share curriculum visuals with our translation teams without the limitations of licensed artwork and photography.

I shared with my team yesterday the beauty of God's provision for us through you, and we are so incredibly grateful. Thank you so much for being such a blessing to us. We are grateful for you!!! I am in awe of the way God shows His love for these children we work with.
Inner City Afterschool Ministry, Washington

Removing Financial BarriersRemoving Financial Barriers

Truth78 significantly discounts and donates curricula, helping churches, schools, and families influence more than 10,000 children and youth each year. Your support allows us to generously give so that no one is prohibited from using our resources because of financial constraints (mostly needed in third world countries). The needs of these ministries and their requests for financial assistance in purchasing curricula are varied. Some request very little financial help, while others have no ability to pay for resources. We do not want money to have the final say. We want the next generation to be influenced by God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting resources.

If you are interested in learning more about our financial assistance application process, please contact us.

Free TrainingFree Training

Truth78 is committed to sharing our biblical vision for the next generation with pastors, children's and youth ministry leaders and volunteers, youth mentors, parents, grandparents, and all who have a heart for the next generation. We provide our Foundation Seminars, which present and expound on the vision for free online, along with more than 75 seminars to help churches and families put the vision into practice, equip them in their ministry, and train them how to best use our resources. Your support will help us continue to produce and release additional training sessions to be distributed for free.

This vision has shaped how we disciple our children and how we approach our family worship and devotional time. It is God-centered, biblical, and right. We are thankful for their articulation and faithfulness.


Training Attendee

I believe this is the best, most extensive, and yet the most succinct philosophy of biblical Christian education I have ever heard or read. I was encouraged that a lot of what we are doing at our church is spot on, but the Foundation Sessions provided a framework and trajectory for what we are trying to accomplish for Christ in His Church.


Training Attendee