Introduce Children to a Glorious God

More Than a Story: New Testament is the continuing God-centered journey through the Bible

More Than a Story is a new kind of Bible resource for children—taking them on a chronological journey through the Bible with a God-centered, gospel-focused, discipleship-oriented, theologically grounded perspective.

Though the Bible is full of stories, it is MORE THAN A STORY. It is the authoritative Word of God that, throughout its pages, proclaims and magnifies the majestic character of God, His work in this world, and His plan of redemption for sinful men through His Son, Jesus.


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What makes More Than a Story a unique children’s Bible resource?

  • A Reverence for God’s Holy Word
  • A Comprehensive Introduction to the Breadth and Depth of Scripture
  • Nearly 2,000 Scriptures Woven Into Text of the Two Volumes
  • Child-Appropriate Without Compromising the Text
  • A Clear Presentation of the Key Doctrines of the Christian Faith
  • A Serious and Sober Portrayal of the Problem of Sin
  • Grounded in the Gospel
  • Guides Children in How to Study the Bible
  • Addresses the Mind, Heart, and Will
  • Inspires Worship of God, for the Glory of God

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"We long to communicate the message of the New Testament faithfully to our children, both at home and in church and in Christian schools. Sally Michael in this profound book, which is beautifully illustrated by Fred Apps, unpacks the NT message simply and powerfully. What stands out particularly in the book is its theological depth and practical application. Theologically, Michael focuses on both who God is and what he has done for us in Christ. The book is God-centered and Christ-glorifying, reminding us that we depend on the Spirit for empowerment. Don't think this book is too theological to be accessible. The NT message is practically applied to everyday life, and searching questions for application conclude every chapter. I also loved the format of the book: the illustrations, the different fonts, and the box at the end of each chapter invites readers to pursue its content."

TOM SCHREINER, author, New Testament Theology: Magnifying God in Christ and Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"More Than a Story has all the elements of what I look for in a story Bible. First, it’s faithful to the text of Scripture. When it summarizes part of a Bible narrative or several verses of a New Testament letter, it maintains the integrity of the passage. Second, More Than a Story is written in a way that connects with children without compromising the truth of the Bible. Third, it magnifies Christ and emphasizes the Gospel. Story Bibles are selective by design. But rather than giving children the impression that the Bible is simply a moral code from God, More Than a Story makes clear to children their need for a Savior and that Jesus is that Savior. Fourth, it provides practical resources to help the reader use this study Bible with children. Each chapter closes with discussion questions and ways to pray in response to what’s just been read. I commend it to anyone who wants to use it in family worship or in any setting where the goal is to present God’s Word to children. "

DONALD S. WHITNEY, professor of biblical spirituality and associate dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Praying the Bible, and Family Worship.

"What a lovely book! It is a wonderful, theologically rich, thoughtful study of the grand narrative of the Scriptures. I loved how the author ties in the Storyline of the Scriptures in many places so that you are not reading a bundle of disjointed episodes. I actually think this would be a great resource for pastors to lead their congregations in a sermon series through the New Testament. There is exegesis, here, biblical theology, systematic theology and application. The pictures and the design of the book are very suited for teaching. Children who are exposed to this book will come away with a greater understanding of the Bible, and its Author."

STEPHEN DEMPSTER, author, Dominion and Dynasty and Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Crandall University

"Faithful, creative, and thorough. Sally Michael has provided another excellent resource for children. Often when I read the Bible to my kids I will add commentary to help them understand. Michael puts the Scripture into context. This includes historical and theological context, but she also makes sure that they don’t walk away from the text until they have applied it. I highly recommend this book."

PATRICK SCHREINER, Author of Visual Word and Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

A Must Have Resource!
Wow! This is an incredible resource for families, with colorful true-to-life illustrations and much more in-depth content than you typically get in a book for children. It's the kind of book kids won't outgrow but will enjoy coming back to again and again. I love how the author gives questions to think about and discuss at the end of each chapter, setting parents up to engage their kids in conversation. Highly recommended! I'm definitely looking forward to the New Testament version when it comes out. BRUCE

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Best Children’s Bible for Older Kids!
...We’ve read most of the children’s Bibles out there and it’s hard to find a children’s Bible that my 10 year-old doesn’t find too “babyish”. And yet we still need some sort of children’s Bible to read, since my kids (ages 7 and 10) aren’t quite ready for simply the ESV or NIV. ... I love that “More Than A Story” promotes higher-level thinking skills as well as helping you ponder the character of God. I feel like it is not only the kids whose eyes are being opened to the character of God—mine are too! If your kids loved the “Jesus Storybook Bible” and you’ve been looking for something similar for older kids, this is the Bible to get!!!! It is deep and wonderful for all ages and no doubt with help foster spiritual growth in your family and in your own heart. ERIN

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Enjoy these coloring pages adapted from illustrations in More Than a Story.