The Call of God

A Study for Children on the Work of God in Redemption

Lessons: 5
Target Grade: Elementary
Grade Range: Kindergarten - Grade 6

The Call of God is an evangelistic Backyard Bible Club / Vacation Bible School curriculum for children on the work of God in redemption. The five lessons in this curriculum explore the call of God and various responses to that call.

Curriculum Sample

Scope and Sequence

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The Call of God: Coordinator's Starter Kit
The Call of God: Teacher's Guide
The Call of God: Visuals Packet
The Call of God: Student Projects (5-Pack)





The Call of God: Coordinator's Starter Kit
$50.00 - $60.00
The Call of God: Coordinator's Starter Kit

Order 1 kit for each program.

Print Starter kit includes:

  • One spiral Teacher's Guide containing curriculum introduction, lessons, and appendix (purchase an additional Teacher's Guide for each additional leader)
  • A CD with printable PDFs of Visuals Packet, and Parent Pages
  • One Student Project
  • One Helping Children to Understand the Gospel booklet which is a good resource for teachers, leaders, and families.

Electronic Classroom Kit includes the following files:

  • Teacher's Guide (1 license) containing the introduction, lessons, and appendix (87 pages) (purchase an additional Teacher's Guide for each additional leader)
  • Visuals Packet for print (PDF, 31 pages)
  • Visuals for electronic display (PDF)
  • Watermarked Student Project for Teacher and Small Group Leader Reference Only (PDF 3 pages/2 front and back - 11x17)
  • Parent and Child Resource Pages (PDF, 8 pages)
  • Additional Resources, including a watermarked copy of Helping Children to Understand the Gospel

Electronic License Information:

This Coordinator's Kit includes a license for 1 Teacher's Guide. Each licensed copy of the Teacher's Guide may be viewed, printed, and used by one individual for one year. This material may not be shared among multiple or rotating users. However, if you are re-teaching the curriculum at a later date, the license may be renewed and assigned to the same or a different individual for a nominal fee.

The resource files included with each licensed copy of the Coordinator's Kit (not including the Teacher's Guide) may be shared with the co-teachers, small group leaders, and parents as needed and instructed by the licensing information included in the Kit.

The Call of God: Teacher's Guide
$25.00 - $35.00
The Call of God: Teacher's Guide

Order 1 guide for each additional teacher or group leader. (1 copy is included in the Coordinator's Starter Kit.)

The Teacher’s Guide is designed to equip group leaders and co-teachers with their own copy of the curriculum to study and pray through as they prepare to minister to the children under their care.

This guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the Coordinator's Kit. As such, it includes the curriculum introduction, lessons, and appendix but not the Curriculum Resources.

Choose between print and electronic download (87 pages).

Electronic License Information: 

Each licensed copy of the electronic Teacher's Guide may be used by one individual. This material may not be shared among multiple or rotating users. However, if a different individual is using the curriculum at a later date and you have asked the previous user to delete the file (and destroy or return any print copies), the resource may be assigned to a different individual.

Bulk Discount

Order 5 or more Teacher's Guides to receive a discount.

The Call of God: Visuals Packet
The Call of God: Visuals Packet

Order 1 for each group or program. (Optional)

This Visuals Packet includes a full set (31 pages) of color visuals for this curriculum printed on cardstock.

The Call of God: Student Projects (5-Pack)
The Call of God: Student Projects (5-Pack)

Each student should have 1 Student Project. This set includes Student Projects for 5 children.

Each child enrolled in the Backyard Bible Club or Vacation Bible School should have a project to complete during the program. The student project for The Call of God features an interactive poster with pieces for the children to color, cut out, and assemble.

International customers: please contact Truth78 about electronic options.

The Greatest Treasure! (10-Pack)
The Greatest Treasure! (10-Pack)

Lead children on a journey to discover 10 essential truths of the gospel, which culminate in the greatest treasure of all.

This small (24-page) full-color booklet has been designed to help children discover 10 essential truths of the gospel, leading to the greatest treasure of all—enjoying God Himself forevermore! Each two-page spread includes a simple truth statement, supporting Scriptures, a brief explanation and call for personal application, and an accompanying illustration to summarize and reinforce the truth learned.


Available only in packs of 10 (bulk discount at 5 10-packs).

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God is calling people to be part of His family. Through the death of Jesus on the cross, He has made a way for sinners to be pardoned from sin and to be His children. Through the lives of various people in the Bible, children will discover different means God uses to call people to faith in Him. The goal of this curriculum is to make children aware of God’s call, to encourage them to respond in faith, and to warn them not to harden their hearts.
The Call of God contains five lessons on both God’s general and effective call, complete with colorful visuals and application discussion questions. Optional activities include learning activities, games, and worksheets, as well as a student project that can be worked on for the duration of the curriculum.
• Jesus calls His disciples
• God calls the Ethiopian through the Word
• God calls Lydia through Paul
• Jesus calls Nicodemus to believe in Him
• Jesus calls Zacchaeus and changed his heart
• Jesus’ irresistible call to Paul
• God calls Jonah to preach repentance in Nineveh

To assist leaders in discussing the gospel at a deeper level with the children they interact with, the booklet Helping Children to Understand the Gospel is included in the kit.

Electronic curriculum is a great option for many teachers. Learn about how to use our electronic resources and our policies regarding electronic licenses.
The revised curriculum was released in 2019. If you’re looking for the original Call of God curriculum, contact Customer Care.