The Fighter Verses Journal: Set 1

Lessons: 52
Age Range: 9 Years - Adult

The Fighter Verses Journal provides simple encouragement to spend time with the Lord and record reflections on your prayer and Bible study as you memorize Scripture. The 112-page journal provides two lightly-lined pages for each passage and includes the verse, along with a short paragraph to explain the verse or challenge you as you study. This journal can be used with and as an extension of The Fighter Verses Study, Set 1. Journals are also available for Set 2 and Set 3.

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The God of the universe, the One who saved you for a purpose, wants you to know Him. The way to grow in that relationship is to spend time talking and listening to Him. When He speaks through His Word, impressing things on our hearts and minds, it’s important to write them down. If it was important for Him to say, it is important for us to remember. 

The Fighter Verses Journal is well-suited to recording these thoughts, prayers, and impressions.

Note: The Journal can be used as an extension of The Fighter Verses Study or by individuals who are simply memorizing the Fighter Verses and want to incorporate it into their personal study or devotional times.