The Righteous Shall Live by Faith: Family Devotional Guide

Lessons: 13
Target Age: Family
Age Range: 6 Years - Adult

Order 1 for each family.

This 13-week family devotional guide provides six days of devotional ideas per week, plus ideas for a weekly Family Night Activity and a removable mini banner with pieces to use as a review tool.

This resource has been designed to be used by families in conjunction with an intergenerational class using The Righteous Shall Live By Faith curriculum, but it can also be used separately by families desiring to start a tradition of doing regular devotions together.

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Scripture references, a key verse, and key themes are provided at the start of each week to set the tone, along with a lesson summary, important “points to ponder,” and excerpts of questions and answers from the Westminster Catechism. Each day’s devotional portion includes Scripture references and probing questions to deepen biblical understanding and provide personal application. Additional activity suggestions include a removable mini banner and pieces (included in the devotional guide) to reinforce lessons learned while studying the Ten Commandments. Suggestions for parent resources complete each week’s devotional section.

International Customers: contact Truth78 about electronic options.