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  1. Teaching Children the Fear of the Lord
    Teaching Children the Fear of the Lord

    Sally Michael

    This seminar includes a survey of the Scriptures to better understand the fear of the Lord and what you can do to encour... More
  2. Preparing Children for Marriage
    Preparing Children for Marriage

    Josh Mulvihill

    Culture has contaminated our view of marriage by making it a self-serving, romance-intoxicated, Christ-neglecting thing.... More
  3. Training Children Toward Holiness
    Training Children Toward Holiness

    Jill Nelson

    God commands us to be holy. Yet apart from Christ's redeeming work, and the Holy Spirit's sanctifying power, this is an ... More
  4. Linking Church and Home for Discipleship
    Linking Church and Home for Discipleship

    David Michael

    One of the greatest challenges of being a church, and not simply a club, is doing the kind of shepherding mentioned in A... More
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